Notes page

What do others think about a notes tab for devices in ST?

The reason I ask is I forgot what I was using one of my virtual switches for and it took me an age to find out lol.

What do others do? Or do you just have good memories?


As I’ve mentioned before, I keep a spreadsheet with a list of all my devices and what automations they are used for and where they are physically and warranty information.

That said, smartthings employees have mentioned a number of times in this forum that their typical customer has 15 or fewer devices and never uses any custom code. So I’m not sure it’s a feature that would ever make it into the app. but personally I like the idea. :sunglasses:

I like the idea. I suggest several years ago that there be a field to show the type of battery required by the device. This could also go in a note field.

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That would save me from creating a ton of notes on my phone that I later forget about. I think it’s a great suggestion.

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@SmartThings any chance this minor change could be added in the next update (pretty please lol)