[NOT WORKING] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

From past posts, I think it is taking longer for lite version because the SmartThings backend API for the new app is a mess and not everything is functional so hard to re write and app when the backend is not working well.


Ok. I see. Thanks!

The smartapp works exactly the same in the new app vs the old app. The issue is it has to be changed to not poll so much so it doesn’t put stress on the servers.

I get gibrish for some reason

I can’t even delete the app. :rage:

Gibberish when making announcements? Are you using automations or STHM? It won’t work like that. You need to use actions app or webCoRE.

I used automations and get gibrish also. I aslo use WebCore with same result.

Then what is the point? I dont want to use webcore

Use the actions app inside the Echo Speaks smartapp then. You don’t have to use webCoRE.

If people are saying Echo Speaks is working again for just making an Echo talk, any idea why mine isn’t speaking? I just upgraded the server side (Heroku) using the Github automation way, and had to re-authenticate.
The Echo Speaks SmartApp shows login status is Valid. I attempt a test within the SmartApp, nothing happens. I try to execute a WebCoRE piston to make it talk, no speaking is performed. If I go into the SmartApp> Manage Actions> Create New Action, I receive an error saying, “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again.” I’m not having Internet issues right now…

Are you on current versions of everything?

It was great but did not last long … :frowning_face:

Can i use it for notifications in automations?

Not sure how to pull up that page, but the Echo Speaks and Server versions match (confirmed on the Echo Speaks’ SmartApp home page) and I just installed the Action and Zone apps into IDE. I don’t see Device though…
However, now when I go into “Manage Actions” I’m met with “This install Method is Not Allowed. ES - Actions can’t be directly installed from the Marketplace. Pleaes use the Echo Speaks SmartApp to configure them.” That’s exactly what I’m trying to do…

I had just got echo speaks working again yesterday by reinstalling with the new code release, and now it has stopped again a few hours ago. Oh well, back to Voice Monkey for now.

I’m glad I made a Webcore speak piston that gets called from all my other pistons with a speakText argument when I switched to Voice Monkey, so I only have to change this in one place now to switch which speak app I am using.

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I’m literally in the same boat. Just got it working yesterday and stopped today around 2:30 EST.

Honestly losing the will to live here.
Now I know ES isn’t working 100% but I will wanted to try it out again so I managed to delete it as I wanted to try and install fresh. Tried via the community installer and also a manual install and every time this pops up.
Can anyone shed any light on this?

Just give @tonesto7 time to do his magic. Samsung is playing with the servers, and this will no longer work.

Yeah but I fear it’s a fault on my end for
Some reason. I know it’s not fully working but I at least wanted to try and install and see.

I get it, I am missing this app greatly.