[NOT WORKING] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions

Wow - would have been nice if they, you know, dropped you a note ahead of time and gave you a heads up? Just basic business manners…


I just read this will feature will be removed by Samsung?

Thank you.

This is completely messed up. It’s as if SmartThings is trying to push away its most loyal users. Anyway what’s this new SmartThings Alexa integration capable of anyway? Can it make announcements?


No. I would log a request at the link they provided.

Ok Everyone,

Here is my plan and I’ve ran it by some of the folks at ST so some of this may change.

I’m pretty fast at coding when I get in the zone, but realistically I know i’m not going to be able to develop and debug a new version under the API in under a month.

So the short term plan is that I’m going to create a new lite version mirrored from the existing code.
this new lite version will allow speech and announcements and basic device control. What it won’t do is poll Amazon constantly for device information and status.
I will need to look at whether to remove actions or just remove some of the features.

I will fill you in more once i’ve started working on this.


@tonesto7 it really sucks they’re tearing apart all your hard work. The SmartThings community is what made SmartThings so great and it’s as if @SmartThings doesn’t seem to understand that.


I’ve never seen ST call out a custom app in an email like this. Did it go to all ST owners or just ones using this app?

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Just saw that email!! :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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They did the same thing with Arlo Pilot. I still have yet to get the email and very disappointed to see this coming.

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I realize it seems that way, but now that I have more facts I realized just how much of a strain this App put on the platform (because of it’s popularity it’s one the highest loads) and it was starting to get unimaginably expensive because of compute time, and was causing issues with the platform.


I agree 100% on that. The community and openness is what drew me in and got me so hooked. In my opinion because of groovy it was basically limitless in possibilities.

I’m really struggling with this new way of thinking, but as time goes on I realize that the old ST just isn’t sustainable as a business model. It was costing a fortune to operate.

I will say that I like the new API and it opens the doors to amazing integrations that just wouldn’t be possible before, but I removes that ability to distribute and host an integration. Now all integrations have to be self-hosted which has it’s benefits, but is extremely difficult for non-tech individuals.


I sure hope you can make this work. Echo Speaks + Actions is great!

Time for us loyal users to make another donation to support the development.


Maybe someone can work with @tonesto7 in selling a preconfigured pi to host the ES code so non-techies can host it in their own personal network.


Or at least a scripted install with a specific configuration that can host a container.


Thanks for thinking of us @tonesto7. We all love your app and will go through hurdles to allow it to live. If we can run it locally off of a pi, that would be great. Let us know what you need and if you need testers I’m happy to oblige.


@tonesto7 I’m totally agree with BBoy486.
We are more than happy to help you if you need it! +1
ESpeaks is one of the best smartapp in our community. We should not let it go :slight_smile:


Just want to say thank you to everyone for the productive and progressive thoughts on how to create the next iteration of EchoSpeaks. The ideas about local hosting on a preconfigured pi or scripted installs to a self-hosted container is awesome and is where we’re trying to go with things.

So that everyone understands the rationale behind this decision (which we did not take lightly), EchoSpeaks is the most resource intensive smartapp on the platform on an absolute basis…when you look at compute time on a /install basis, it’s astronomical. While it’s an awesome smartapp, it’s popularity has gotten it to the point where we just can’t support it anymore without jeopardizing stability for everyone. We’ve been trying to keep it going for a while now, in fact, a team of our devs had to spend all of last thanksgiving holiday trying to keep it and the platform up and stable as it scaled. We had to make a choice to protect the stability of everyone’s set up on the platform which is why we decided to shut it down on such a tight timeline. Each user of EchoSpeaks should get an email explaining the change and there will also be notices in-app.

As for the miss in giving @tonesto7 a heads up on this, I accept responsibility for that and already reached out with a personal apology. You all are right, it’s bad etiquette and it was an honest mistake on my part - a number of us on the team thought others had already spoken with him.

We’re looking forward to working with @tonesto7 on his future smartapps.


I am a big fan of local execution as it is usually significantly faster and more reliable than cloud based execution, so I am happy this is the direction… BUT … as those of us who have been on the ST platform for many years know, the ‘intention of moving in that direction’ can turn into years of agonizing wait, and it may never happen.

@blake.arnold - can you provide an estimate on when we would have such an option? Playing announcements on any of my dozen echos around the house is a center piece of my home’s automation. Removing this ability by killing off EchoSpeaks before a viable alternative is available is an unfortunate choice. :frowning:


I will have a lite version of the app and devices available before the Sept 8th cut off but its advanced functionality will be reduced and will require a new install.