Not sure what I need (UK)

Hi all,

I have just purchased a ST starter kit with an extra door sensor (Samsung UK were doing a special deal last week). I have put one of the door sensors on my garage door so when it opens between 10pm - 6am it sends a notification. There are some basic ‘things’ I wish to do and need help on what I exactly need (whether it can actually be done by ST)


  • When the garage door opens it makes a noise
  • When someone approaches the front door I get notified (amazing how many times the postman says he could not deliver a package because no one was home - rubbish, I work from home!)
  • Replace the door bell (current one does work fine, but nice to have a new chime)

I have a lot of LED downlight in most of the rooms (bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, office, dining room, entrance hall). In the lounge we have 2 wall lights and a central light but they use 2 pin (not sure if that is the correct terminology) and it is only the hallway/stairs/conservatory/current outside lighting that we have conventional bulbs. From the smart bulbs out there they have ‘conventional’ fittings especially if I want them to change colours??? I am interested in motion sensors for the kids bathroom as they are terrible at turning them off and maybe to have motion sensors for the stairs to only turn the lights on turning certain times (otherwise they have to use the light switch)

I will be installing some additional outside lighting for security (downlights in the eaves of the house) and I would like for them to come on when it is dusk and turn off when it is light and to dim the light if required.

It would be good to understand the energy consumption used by each appliance. I have an adapter (British Gas) which gives me an overall reading and yes I could go round each appliance, turn it off and check, but just wondered if there is anything more ‘smart’ I can use

I know you can buy sockets to turn of/on appliances but I understand if I get some from lightwaveRF I also need to purchase their hub which would then interact with ST?

I am seriously looking at getting Evohome installed as my boiler does support opentherm and I know evohome will interface to ST.

It would be nice to have an alarm system interact with ST (the wired one I have at the moment is OK). We also have a lot of blinds and it would be cool if the blinds automatically closed at certain times and again open in the morning.

Many things I am looking at and really need some help for this newbie


You should check out the Aeon Labs Doorbell and the Aeon Labs Siren, but I’m not sure if they’re available in the UK.

Everything you mentioned is most likely possible, but ST doesn’t have a rules engine so you’ll need to use something like Rule Machine.

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For the energy consumption you can install a Aeotec Energy metering system.

Aeotec home energy metering

Or you have a smart meter from BG with a data port (P1)? On that port is our remote energy adapter installed. Look for a YouLess adapter to replace the BG adapter.

The data port on the electricity meter is on the picture is the RJ11 receptacle at lower right on the front.

YouLess LS120 P1 port adapter smart meter

You can buy smart outlets but there are also smart power plugs you plug into the outlet, to start with.

Aeotec power plug

Much cheaper are the Neo CoolCam power plugs.

Grtn Ben