Not sure people will believe this (WiFi interference)

So I have a Samsung BD-H6500-ZA bluray player running the latest firmware 1113. It is wired into the same switch that my ST hub is wired into. When this player is on. The ST hub essentially stops responding to commands to turn on/off lights. Seems to only be the lights… My Schlage smart lock still operates fine. Has anybody seen this behavior before? If I turn the player off the lights work again! I wonder how many other people have this same thing happening and don’t realize it…

Brand and model of the lights?

I have two OSRAM lights and 1 CREE light. All affected when the player is on.

OK, those are all zigbee bulbs. So something is interfering with the zigbee, but not interfering with zwave, which is actually pretty common. Strong Wi-Fi, for example, can drown out zigbee signals. ZWave is in a different band and will not be affected.

So your SmartThings hub is just too close to this device, which has a strong Wi-Fi transmitter to support the Samsung AllShare feature.

Ideally you should place your SmartThings hub at least 3 m from any Wi-Fi router or access point.

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So are you saying the wifi on the player is active even though it’s set to use the wired ethernet connection?

Yes, it’s a WiFi access point, that’s how the AllShare feature works.

Be aware Roku’s do this as well. Probably a bunch of devices…


I totally understand the reason for this but I have gotten so lucky so far. I do have one motion sensor that constantly acts-up but it maybe be faulty as I have another further away and it’s faultless. But look where my hub is … the white unit to the left is an Apple Extreme ac router not to mention all the other noise that must be going on in there. I can’t remember the antenna directions in the hub but my hub is actually facing the outside of my house. This is under my desk and my study is on the center, front edge of my house.

I’m not immune to interference in the house. I used to have some iHome AirPlay speakers and they dropped every time the microwave was on. Since moved to Sonos :grinning:.


Lucky is good. :sunglasses:

I too had my ST Hub in the same closet as my Router. Was having an issue with a Zooz Powerstrip. Moved it out of the closet into my Study and all has been well since.

Good Luck!

p.s. You have inspired me to go and put some cable ties on all of my loose spaghetti mess I have going on all over the place.

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That looks way too pretty under your desk. …I think you may need another drive though because there is a little space on the floor still. :grinning:


I don’t need any encouragement! :smile: Been thinking about changing the three NAS up there to something more robust and faster.

It used to be really cramped in there until I ditched my desktop PC for a Mac. No PC tower gave me a lot more room.