Not satisfied with smartcam pro HD integration

Hello all
I have the hub for about a month now and are at about 15 devices. I am happy overall, but I was in a big surprise for the smartcam pro HD camera. I thought this is a “blessed” camera but so many things just don’t work.

Anyway, I have a Windows Phone so I guess the app is behind as well, but can someone help with these please?

  1. Any way to get live view at all or is it DOA due to WP?
  2. Any way to get camera photos? Seems like device is not “capable” of capturing photos so I can’t use any of the smartapps.
  3. I set up SHM custom rules to capture videos, but I can’t download them. There is a download button but it doesn’t do anything. Can I access them in a different way directly from the cloud somehow?
  4. From my wife’s phone (logging in from her account) the download button is not even there. Is this by design somehow?
  5. Profile is stuck at 4, I can’t change it…Changing it from the thing’s dashboard seems to work, but returning to it immediately after shows 720p again (and that’s how it shows on the web properties as well). I am guessing all the custom rules recording are stuck at 720p then? Can I change that?
  6. Are the supported D-Link ones integrating any better? Any other alternatives worth exploring?

Given the fact that all I can do is just view a video on my phone’s screen I am tempted to return them but would like to get people’s ideas/feedback first.


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