Not related to St at all - Sky Tv post

Have any Uk peeps here on the forum been offered the full Sky package for nothing ??

Sky have notoriously been protective about giving away anything to anyone and yet recently i needed to talk to sky help people in India and was offered the full package for nothing ? Because i could hardly understand the guy i turned it down, i didnt want to find out a year later i was tied into some contract that i had no idea about or wasent told about

Then a couple of days ago i got a cold call from Sky ( allegedly) offering the full package again ?? Again i said no thanks, i just dont trust sky when they offer anything for nothing, dosent seem right to me

It has started me thinking about skys future takeover bid from … was it comcast ?? Or someone anyway… i wander if they are trying to bump there full package customer base so artificially increasing there valuation based on expected full package renewals ???

Any you guys have thoughts or recent strange offers lately from Sky

You should call Sky directly and ask. I would be suspicious of anyone calling me and offering something “free”. It could very well be a scammer phishing for info.

Also, the formal bidder on Sky is 21st Century Fox (with Disney in the mix trying to buy parts of Fox). Comcast has indicated they want to bid on it but have not formally submitted an official bid. :slight_smile:

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Did they call you or did you call them?

100% agree with this.

Like i said guys, they offered it when i rang them and then they rang me 2 weeks later and offered it again

Tbh i am not desperate to upgrade… its annoying they have the Full Masters and Full F1 but apart from that im happy and i defo dont need SkyQ as i am set up with Rf in varioys rooms which smaller flat Tv’s are more than happy to display, and anyway who has a shelf right next to a wall hung Tv which is what skyq boxs need

Just wandered if anyone else had read about Sly giving stuff away thats all