Not receiving real time push notifications in iOS

I just purchased the SmartThings home monitoring kit. In Dashboard I clicked the settings button and then configured a security profile (not sure if that’s what its called) to use my motion sensor along with 2 multipurpose sensors. I enabled push notifications and disabled email.

Now, when I am in the app, I get an immediate notification (not an iOS notification) from the app when any one of the sensors goes off but if I leave the app I don’t get any notification whatsoever.

What’s really funny though is I get notifications throughout the day reminding me that there was an alert X hours ago. How useless is that?

“Your home was broken into 2 hours ago.”

Imagine it was a real break in and you discover it 2 hours after the fact, and then the app just keeps reminding you that your home was broken into for the rest of the day. It’s like twisting the knife lol.