Not possible to turn on and set mode at the same time for A/C

I would like to be able to control A/C mode via automation or scene, but this doesn’t work. I can set the mode in both scene or automation configuration, but when it runs, it just turns on the unit, but doesn’t set the mode (or anything else). Is this a known issue? I had the same problem when using IFTTT.

I found out, that I can set the mode in a separate scene. This means I must first execute scene, which turns on the unit(s) and then another scene, which sets the mode. This despite the fact, that UI allows me to set all settings in one step. Setting temperature separately however doesn’t work. The only way how to set it is to go to the device detail page and set it there. I was expecting better maturity from Samsung platform.

Have you tried the delay option?
I switch on the A/C depending on room temperature .
In thesame automation I set the mode to cool, the fan to auto and the temp to 23 degrees Celsius).
This didn’t work at first.
Until I added a delay of 10 seconds.
the condition I use is: time window, airco off, temp greater than or equal 23 degrees,
The action is :switch on airco, set mode to cool, set fan to auto, set temp to 23 degrees
delay 10 seconds.

Your thermostat has an on/off future that’s separate from the Mode setting? Wow.

I have the Zen Thermostat and I get four settings for the Zen Thermostat when I use it in Scenes. A Thermostat Heating Setpoint, a Thermostat Cooling Setpoint, a Thermostat Mode, and a Fan Mode. So, in one Scene I can set it to any Heating/Cooling Temp, any Thermostat Mode (Off/Auto/Cool/Heat) , and any Fan Mode (On/Auto).