Not auto locking doors when a virtual switch is on?

I have a virtual switch I use to mark when we are on vacation.

I also use the Enhanced Auto Door Lock smart app to lock our doors automatically 5 min after they are unlocked during certain house modes, including Away mode.

Using SmartRules, the house will be switched from “Away” to “Vacaion Check-in” mode when a lock is unlocked and the above mentioned virtual switch is on.

Problem - the Enhanced Auto Door Lock app will still lock the door even after vacation mode is activated since it was unlocked while in Away mode - if I recall, that timer does not cancel during the mode change? (Or does it?)

I don’t want the door to lock when in vacation check in mode, though. Ideally, if Enhanced Auto Door Lock had a “not while switch on” option or “cancel if mode change”, that would solve this. However, this is not really a common enough scenario to be added any time soon.

Any ideas on how to accomplish?

Use Core and set up rules for this. I have something similar set up that way.

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