Nortek WA105DBZ

I have a Nortek WA105DBZ (AC powered) sounder which is having a problem working in the Samsung Connect Android app. The device does work in Smartthings and I currently have it set up as a basic Z Wave device. While it appears in Samsung Connect, it has an audio icon and generates an “unable to connect” message when I tap on it. I have already removed it from the Samsung Hub using the exclusion method. When I go to pair it, it is not seen by the Samsung Connect app. It is, however, seen by the Smartthings App and added as a GoControl Multifunction Siren using a custom device handler. When I return to Samsung Connect it appears there with the same title, but will not function. I’ve changed the device type to “Z Wave device” using the interface. Any idea as to how to set up this device so it will be seen in Samsung Connect? I find the functionality of that app to be much more “friendly” to what I need these devices to do.


I’m interested in this as well. I have a few DTHs that have a similar issue with Samsung Connect. I think it might be related to something missing in the code.

I ended up removing the custom device handler for the sounder. I then put
the hub into exclusion mode and removed the sounder. When I re-paired it,
it worked in both Samsung Connect and Smartthings. The only problem is
that it is seen as a Z Wave Generic Switch. That severely limits the
ability to customize how it is utilized in a system. It also prevents the
battery back-up from functioning. Why would a switch need a battery
back-up? Right??? In any event, I’m in communication with a tech at
Nortek and will see what ideas he has. He told me that he does have a unit
connected to a Samsung Hub with the battery working.

Stay tuned.