Nordtronic Box Relay

Anyone got the Nordtronic Box Relay to integrate into ST?

Try to add it as a Thing first, then go to the IDE and change the device type to Zigbee Switch. That is a generic zigbee switch handler and should work with most switches without any modifications.

By the way, how much does this device cost in Euros?

I paid around 35-40€

Thanks! Try the module with the Zigbee Switch DH first. It should work.

If not, post here a fingerprint from the IDE, then I can have a look what else might would fit, but the one mentioned should work.

Does this one has power usage reporting?

No power read out

It worked. Added as “Thing” through" the old app and changed type to “Zigbee Switch” in the web UI … Could be nice to have this integrated into the new ST app.

You should be able to add it with the new app the same way as you did with the old one. And it should be recognized as a Thing. The only difference, you wouldn’t select the brand, but do a generic search, what is called Scan nearby, and the icon to select is visible on the top right when you start adding a device.


Did you make this work?

I was able to make it work using the new app as per the instructions given by Nils: 1. add a nearby device as a Thing 2. Go to the IDE 3. Change the type to Zigbee Switch.
I can turn it on and off and, most importantly for me, set schedules.