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Noob Question on Iris Keypad--how can I set a delay?

(John Rogers) #1

I am very new to creating smart apps and DTH. I have Smart Home Monitor installed now and it works great, but I just picked up an iris keypad in the hopes of using it to arm and disarm the system. I did the smart app 3400- keypad monitor and it does allow me to arm and disarm the system but there is no delay. I have been reading other posts that says Smart Alarm has a delay option but have no clue how to get it, Do I have to somehow uninstall SMH before creating the smart alarm app? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Arn B) #2

Take a look at my app SHM Delay. It works with Smart home and Lock Manager .[Release] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays

(John Rogers) #3

I tried installing from Code and I get the following Error - Metadata Error: Parent SmartApp ‘arnbme:SHM Delay’ not found
I tried installing from the repository and it said
Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Thu Sep 28 21:43:31 UTC 2017

(Arn B) #4

No idea what is going on, but let’s try to get this installed.

In the SHM delay app documenttion threre are install instructions and a quick start guide
1 First do module SHM Delay, save and publish in the Ide
2 Then do modules SHM Delay Child and SHM delay mode fix, do not publish. if you did not a problem. These are child apps that require SHM Delay.
3 In the phone app add a smart app. Add module SHM Delay setup and install it
4 Then setup a delay profile

If this does not work for you try deleting all the SHM modules and start over

(John Rogers) #5

Here is what I have - did I do it correctly? I did smart app - not Device handler. I look on my phone and I do not see the app.

(Arn B) #6

Looks correct

In the SmartThings phone app click automation
Tap smart apps

Scroll down tap add a smart app
Scroll down tap my apps
Scroll Down tap SHM Delay

(Arn B) #7

You may be on the wrong Shard / server
Click Location before installing anything

(John Rogers) #8

That was it!!! I must have been in the wrong location! It does not chime as a warning but it does arm and disarm the alarm. Success!!! Thank you very much!!!

(Arn B) #9

If if it Chimes on the away exit delay make sure you specified it in the delay profile. If it does not chime on the exit delay press and hold the 2 key to try and raise the volume.