Noob need help (set dimmer to 15% if no motion detected)

So this will Proably be simple for many of u but my brain doesn’t work that great with this stuff yet. All I want is any dimmer switch that is on do lower to 15 percent if no motion. I was able to do it except switches that were already off turned on and set to 15 percent. The ones that are off I want to stay off. Any that are on i want to dim to 15

That’s what I have now. It’s a basic not sure why it says and of

Try using a THEN-IF and evaluate the state of each light prior to action.

Edit: My suggestion wont’ work due to the evaluation of each individual state as a combined condition.

Someone better with CoRE will chime in on how to do it as one rule, only way I know how to do it would be with 3 rules.


If kitchen motion changes to inactive
Kitchen Bar is on
Fade to 15%

Yep, that sounds right, you’ve gotta evaluate the state of each to determine individual action.

ok I don’t mind making more rules but I get stuck at the
condition #2 I select the dimmer then in the comparison
I don’t see anything that say is on?

Try it as a switch in condition 2. Rather than dimmer. Or you could is as a dimmer (is greater than or equal to 1)

So like this I think. But how do I delay it for 15 minutes after no motion

Ok, there might be another way.

IF motion changes to inactive
Using {group of lights}
Set Level (advanced)
Level (%) 15
Only if switch state is ON

How do I delay it 15 minutes before it dims.

Change the motion evaluation from CHANGES TO to STAYS.

IF Living Room Motion motion stays inactive for 15 minutes

I think I got it by adding an and does not chamge for 15 minutes. Thanks guys. Starting to slowly click in my head now. Here’s what I ended up with

Grats. More than one way to skin a piston.

I don’t think that will work. If it changes to inactive, then it will have changed in the last 15 minutes. Unless it evaluate the 15 minutes prior to status change. But just have to try it and see.

If that doesn’t work just change to if motion is inactive and hasn’t changed in 15 minutes.

So basically reverse my first couple of rules. I see if if this works. That is if my wife would stop walking around. Should I be concerned that when I’m setting things up core shows lights on that currently aren’t on?

Are you using motion to turn these lights on? If so try something like this. So you get on and off in same piston.

No just to dim the ones that are already on when no motion

I just tried this and it works well. It will only dim lights that are on, and leave off lights off.

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Yeah, it’s pretty nifty.

That works perfect and now have lights dimming when my kid goes to be and I’m relaxing watching tv