Noob help with smart things and security + camera integration

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I recently purchased a smart things home security system from scout. I’ve set it up, and I’m using scout to monitor my alarms. I really love it, and the experience was really smooth. Now, I’d like to install 3 outdoor cameras to cover my home in all directions, and 1 camera in my main floor. I would like the following integrations.

  1. If motion is detected at my front of back door of the camera, it turns on my internal lights.

  2. If the motion sensor is tripped on my security system, all cameras are turned on and begin to record immediately.

I’ve been doing some research. It seems that 2 can be accomplished with for the indoor camera, with this.

However, I need 3 outdoor cameras. I was looking at the D-Link DCS-2330L for my outdoor cameras, but from reviewing the forums, there’s no event hook for motion detection on the cameras. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m a software engineer, and I build IoT network software, so I’m happy to contribute. I’m just not sure where to start, and could use some advice from someone that’s done something similar.

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( i’ve moved this to projects so you can get answers specific to your own set up. )

To the best of my knowledge, you can’t do this with any of the cameras on the official compatibility list so far. If a camera has an IFTTT channel that exposes the motion sensor, you can do it that way. I think some members may have done some custom code that allows it with other camera models. But others can say more. (I have security cameras but I don’t use them with SmartThings.)

@rboy is an independent developer who offers paid apps and has done a lot of work with blink. I believe his paid device handler will allow you to use the blink as a motion sensor

I know quite a few community members have used Arlo, and hopefully some of them will chime in. The Arlo has an IFTTT channel which lets you use both its motion sensor and its audio sensor (if you have the model with an audio sensor)

@smart has nest cams, but I believe his experience was that they motion event could not be captured for use by smartthings. He can say more.

@pstuart has done a great deal with many different types of cameras, and might also have more to say.

@tyler might know if additional integration with Samsung cameras would offer this ability and if so when it might be planned for the future.

You’ve probably already seen this, but this is the list of the officially compatible cameras


Just be aware that although some of us are using blink outdoors, its only rated for indoor use.

Also the way the motion event occurs for blink it can be pretty slow as it only sends a motion event after recording. So if it sees motion and you have recording set to 10seconds it will take a minimum of 10 seconds+ time of event to go to blink server back to st server. You can minimize this by reducing video recording to 1 sec, but then lose video.

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as i know, most of the IP cameras have motion or sound detection functions, such as Foscam security cameras, and there will be alert notifications.

This is very easily accomplished using the Arlo cameras in Smartthings.