None of the switch/outlets are working

I have smart outlets from three different companies, including Smarthings, and none of them are working. The light bulbs are working, but none of the switches.

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I am having issues too for the past two days, so you’re not alone :frowning:

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Are you getting the constant red error messages in your mobile app, too?

You bet, ever since Android 2.0.7. At least they make it somewhat entertaining as they change the wording occasionally. I stopped paying attention though. They seem benign.

Same…one outlet went out, had to delete it to work again. Now, I can control everything manually one by one, but global routine commands (all on, etc.) do not work at all. Routines that were working perfectly each day, automatically, stopped working

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Sounds exactly what happened with me. I had to remove and add one of the switches, and the rest I can control manually, but can’t turn on as part of a routine or group, or via Alexa.

Same here. Routines not working at all.

Anyone running homebridge (for Siri control) and having issues with this, as well?

Yes no routines or any smart apps can control any of my outlets from this afternoon. Direct control from app is OK.
Lights are all OK.
Support need to look into asap!

Horrendous how something central can impact customers like this.

You should have received an email about 35 minutes ago from ST Support stating that Routines are not working correctly and they are working on the issue.

So support is at least aware of the problem.

Doesn’t look like they’ve sent the email to everyone.
Thanks for the heads up otherwise would be completely in the dark. :frowning:

Support should probably think about putting a service status feed in this community to keep is up to date.

or push development to build a local server as a local backup in case the cloud service has issues …

Just found this…

that status has recently changed - maybe within the last 30 minutes - the issue existed way longer than this as I was fiddling with it for hours :frowning:

Same for myself… I spent hours trying to fix it thinking it was something to do with my recent changes until I stumbled upon the posts from the community.

@r4nd0m & @a4refillpad …consider yourselves lucky:-) Opened the ticket 2 months ago and still waiting!

And it sounds like a whole lot of folks are having trouble with Amazon Echo. And Harmony, too.

all integrations fail without OAuth. i can’t imagine why the “staus” page says"

“Some users’ Routines are not working as expected. SmartThings is working to resolve the issue and will update accordingly.”

surely any user who employs any integration - ifttt, echo, hue, etc. - is experiencing the outage, and i’ll wager that’s not “some” users, but most.

Count me as one of those affected. :frowning:
Routines Do not work
Rule Machine Rules do not function correctly

Yes I find the last statement interesting. I was under the impression the rule machine was not cloud and only local. Why would this be affected? I moved a section of my priority rules over to remove the cloud dependency. Seems to have had the opposite effect!