Non-wired switch

I am looking for an inexpensive light switch that has adhesive and I can stick on the wall. I see the Philips Hue and Sylvania ones, but was wondering if anybody could recommend something else. Most of the ones I’m seeing need to be hooked in

See the following thread for a recent discussion. Make sure you follow the links to the buttons FAQ which are included in that thread. (This is a clickable link), as it also lists devices that look more like regular light switches.

Just 1 button:

Original Xiaomi Aqara Smart Wireless Switch

Aqara pushbutton smart wireless (AliExpress)

Install with sticky tape (in the box)

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Any idea what this means: “This item must match the xiaomi multifunctional gateway to use.” It is in the product description notes. Not sure if it works directly with ST or requires a gateway? Apologies for ignorance.

Yes, it works with ST. First install the Aqara device handler and then add the button.

Any issues of this dropping off the network after a while?

Strange, but the new Xiaomi Aqara (v2) devices are after one or two times adding reliable.

I have several sensors, door/window, leak, smoke detector and switches, no problem.

In the settings of the hub, in the Zigbee Utilities settings, I have the Network Settings on “Insecure Rejoin”.

It means Xiaomi intends this to be used with their own hub and will not provide customer support if you’re trying to use it with any other hub.

That said, the Aqara line are mostly ZHA certified (that’s the same zigbee profile that smartthings uses), so you should have better luck with those than with the original models.


I use the Aqara button with the “Advanced Button Controller” smartapp to switch on/off a group of lights.

The Xiaomi switches are rounded, the Aqara version is edged.


Same with the old (Xiaomi) and new (Aqara) pushbuttons.

Here the Xiaomi pushbutton version