Non-Samsung Devices Stopped Working

Hi Folks, since Thursday last week all of my Hue and leviton receptacles/switches have stopped working within the Smartthings ecosystem. They show “connected” when I log into smartthings via web browser, but my automations (most importantly the one turning on/off a heater in a basement bedroom at night) are not working…any idea? I have tried to reboot the hub so far.

more details please. are you connecting the hue devices by a hue bridge or connected directly to the ST hub? model for the leviton devices?

which ST hub do you have? what method did you use to reboot… by IDE or powering off by removing power cord (and batteries if v2)?

can you still control devices from ST app?

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I connected my hue bulb etc. to the hue bridge then I linked hue to smartthings - probably not the best way to do it, but I had hue set-up before buying into smartthings a couple of years ago.
I have the v3 hub. I had been doing the reboot via IDE, but seeing your comment prompted me to power off - which has now restored hue and it looks like the switch controlling the heater is up and running again!
I still have issues controlling some of my switches in the smartthings app, but the automations work just fine for some odd reasons…e.g. for my mudroom, I have a leviton 2-way switch controlling the light, and a smartthings motions sensor turning the light on/off…that automation works 99% of the time, but I’ve never been able to turn the switch on/off from the app…I guess it is “good enough” for my needs just a little annoying lol
Thanks for your prompt reply and help!