Non compatile devices drivers

Hi. Im new on automation and i recentrly got my smartthings hub.
I have two main questions.
First is how can i migrate all the divices i currently have in alexa routines to the smartthings app.
The second one is if there is any driver for Steren and Tecnolite Handlers. Both are mexican brands.

At the present time for something like this, you have to look at each device individually. We will need both the brand and model number in order to help direct you to ways to get the devices to work.

In the future, once there are more Matter-compatible devices released, Those may be very simple: if they have a matter logo, they should be easy to add to the smartthings app. But we aren’t there yet. For now, we need to go one device at a time.

Ok i see.
Its an wifi switch BRAND: Tecnolite. MODEL NUMBER: TSWI2MVBTCW

The other device is an smart bulb BRAND: STEREN SHOME-122