Nokia Buys Withings

Interesting development.

Nokia has today announced that it is acquiring Withings, the company behind a range of connected health products, including watches, fitness bands, sleep-trackers, thermometers, and scales.

Founded in 2008, Withings had raised a little more than $30 million in equity funding and claims 200 employees across Paris, Cambridge (U.S.), and Hong Kong. Today’s acquisition values the French startup at €170 million ($192 million).

Article - Nokia enters the digital health realm with $192 million acquisition of France’s Withings

Dammit. I love my Withings so a half dead company bought a good company. Proceed to meltdown status of the Withings ecosystem!

Just got an email from Withings about this and they promised to keep up their high level of quality and support.

Dear users,

What an exciting day for us! Yesterday we announced that we plan to join forces with Nokia to build the future of digital health together.

We at Withings have a big vision to create “smarter products for healthy living.” We’re thrilled about this opportunity to unite our teams to create a world-class group of innovative and committed professionals.

We’ve been impressed with the plans the Nokia team has shared with us both for Preventive Health and Patient Care. As soon as we close the deal, we can start working together to determine our way forward as one team with a broad but focused portfolio of incredible products and innovations.

And although this is big news, user satisfaction remains our main concern — you can be sure that, yes, Withings applications and products will continue to work in the same way.

Kind regards,

Cédric Hutchings

Eric Carreel