Node Red Samsung Automation flow - Receive sensor data without polling

Before the “changes”, I used to use the Smarttings “node-red-contrib-smartthings” palette. This made it easy to receive data from - for instance - a motion sensor when motion was detected.

I can’t seem to find a way to achieve this using the Automation Studio palette. I’ve seen posts mentioning “webhooks” and the need to set up SSL to process requests however there is little documentation available (or maybe I just can’t find it!). I’ve resorted to polling the sensors but I get the feeling this is a cumbersome way of doing things.

Can anyone give me some pointers please?

hi this might help


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I’ve only used the Automation Studio palette on the Automation Studio site itself and that rather shields you from some of the fine details.

There is certainly a way of creating flows that acts as a webHook SmartApp and so can be registered using the Developer Workspace and ‘published to Test’ for use in the mobile app. That would require a secure endpoint. It rather assumes that users are already familiar with the concepts from prior experience.

As it happens that functionality has mysteriously disappeared from the Developer Workspace this last week and although the same job can largely be done with the CLI/API the publishing bit is a puzzle. So it isn’t clear what is going on there.

The trivial flows I’ve played with receive subscriptions with Server-Sent Events and don’t need any action on the ST end to set up which makes them rather attractive but also a complete mystery.

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