“No Worries” Notification? Where is it coming from?

Can anyone tell me where this notification is coming from? It shows up on my Pixel 3 XL multiple times a day and I really want to get rid of it.


The title says it. At some point you installed a Smartapp called ‘No worries while away’ into SmartThings…

Maybe I did… but there is no automation with that name. Do you know where I might find the Smartapp?

… and get rid of it?

SmartApps are at the bottom of the Automations page.

It was installed/set up from Menu > Labs > No worries while away

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Thanks guys! I had a couple apps there, not sure the culprit but I deleted them all. :slight_smile: That should do it.

I had no idea those apps were hanging out down there. :slight_smile:

You will need to delete these in Menu > Labs > No worries while away… open the rule you set up, click the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select Delete.

These rules do not show up in the Automations section


@Bry I went to the bottom of the Automatons page and deleted a few items but last night I still got a couple more notifications. :frowning:

@jkp I do remember messing with the ‘Labs’ items at one time but I can’t find the ‘Labs’ option now. Under Menu I only see History, Notifications, How to use, Notices, and Contact us.

This is kind of weird if I go Life > SmartThings Home Monitor > Setting, I get four spinning dots and then a message ‘Something went wroing. Try again later. OK’.

In looking at my SmartThings hub from my desktop browser I am only running one SmartApp, rboy : Low Battery Monitor and Notification. I’ve been running this for years and it hasn’t caused me any problems.

I didn’t install this from my desktop, but I would still think it would show up under SmartApss on my phone.

The android update from yesterday should resolve this issue.

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I don’t seen any SmartThings update today on my phone. Do you know where I can find the Labs tab.

I think at one time I was messing with SmartThings Labs and set up an automation that asks to turn off all my lights when my ‘phone’ leave home. When I take off in my car I also get the following:
I have no idea where this automation is living. It surely isn’t under all my other Automatons off the main screen tab.

No Worries When Away is a labs SmartApp and it’s a lambda so it won’t show up in the IDE. Try looking for it under automations at my.smartthings.com. I think you can delete it there.

Labs is under the Menu.

That is interesting. There ‘should’ be a panel of icons after the first two on that list, which on my phone are Android Auto, Companion Apps, Voice Assistants, Labs and Mall. However ‘should’ means on a Samsung phone and at least two of those are Samsung only.

There are various categories of SmartApps and they appear in different places in the mobile apps.

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I ended going to www.my.smartthings and found the automations under the Beta tab.

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