No welcome code

I went to install my hub and its asking for welcome code… I threw my box away… how do I get this thing working? Cant get customer service to respond…

Only option is ST support. Calling when they are available is the best choice

I’ll try calling tomorrow have sent a couple message the past week with no response

good luck!

They will probably ask you for a photo of the label on the underside of the hub, just in case you need to get that ready.

I have found that sometimes ST tech support can be slow to respond, seemingly randomly since other times they answer very promptly.

I would definitely recommend following the instructions that came with your hub in the future.


My v2 hub has a sticker on the inside with welcome code on it.


I would definitely not make customers jump through hoops in the future… I know you are most certainly perfect and never make mistakes judging by your lame response…

Your hub is v2 or v3?

Thank you was under the battery door…


You’re welcome.

That code is a security feature to prevent unauthorized use of a ST account.