No users listed when configuring Life 360

I have been using Life 360 for several years and recently started having some issues. I completely removed the integration and I am unable to set it up again. I can login with my credentials and select a home location but when it goes to the user page it’s blank. If I try and click save I receive and error - bad state. Below are some of what I have tried thus far from other posts in the community.

Everything below related to the app was attempted in the classic app on both Andriod and IOS
Removed life 360 connect code and re added it from the template in the web interface.
Tried adding it in the the smarthings app via social > life360 connect.
Removed and re added my home location in the life 360 app and then in the web version.
I also reached out to support and the response I received is that they do not support it since it’s a third party integration and they are moving away from using presence all together.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.