No Transition to Daylight Saving Time in the Netherlands?

Last weekend we changed to daylight saving time in the Netherlands.
Unfortunately, now start and stop time of my aircondtioning is one hour wrong.
The scheduler shows the correct times.
What is going wrong?

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If time changed on March 31st, your Routines may be off by one hour the following day (April 1). The schedules should adjust by April 2nd and everything should be fine. This does occur for some users when the time changes.

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It’s now April 5th and my schedule for the airconditioning is still off by 1 hour due to the switch to CEST. Any tips?

If you look at your Location details in the Advanced Web App do you see the correct timezone?

Yes. That’s set correctly.

I started this discussion 5 days ago, and problem continues.
Start and stop time of the airconditioner is still 1 hour wrong.

Start time in the Advanced Web App is: 2024-04-06T06:00:00.000+00:00.
Start time in SmartThings is: 07:00 AM.
I assume the 07:00 AM is local time, i.e. daylight saving time in the Netherlands.
Nevertheless the device starts at 08:00 local time, which is 1 hour late.
I see 3 different times, which is rather confusing.

is your Latitude, Longitude showing the correct coordinates for your location in the Advanced Web App?

do you only have one Routine that is affected? Do other Routines run at the correct time?

have you contacted ST Support to report the issue?

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Latitude and longitude are empty.
No pencil shown to edit or add values.

in the ST app… tap on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select Manage location/members. check if the address field is correct. if it is not correct, tap on it and see if you can select your location and Save.

No location given yet. I entered my address.
I assume I have to wait at least 1 day to see the result, ie if it affects time as desired.

if it is a routine that is easy to recreate… you may want to delete it and create a new one. the new one should run normally next time.

if not, keep the existing one and it should be in sync the following day after it’s next run if it doesn’t adjust itself before then.

good luck!

just checking - when you entered your address… your location appeared on the map and you clicked Save?

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Yes the location appeared on the map and I clicked Save.

Status after 2 weeks: Daylight Saving Time is not used by SmartThings.

I’ve been trying to get my head around this. I did compose a reply but I then realised it was complete drivel and I had to delete it.

Routines save times as offsets from midnight or midday and each Routine also saves its own timezone (you can see it in the Advanced Web App). So although they are vulnerable to issues in the day after daylight savings changes, they should sort themselves out.

I can imagine a situation where the Routine was created at a time when the geolocation of the SmartThings Location hadn’t been configured and so there wasn’t a timezone. If it is possible to set up a Routine in this situation then it would presumably just work on GMT/UTC. So a Routine scheduled for 07:00 AM CET would be saved as Midnight + 6 hours in GMT/UTC and stay that way, becoming 08:00 AM CEST when daylight savings came along.

The problem with that is that I find it difficult to imagine a situation where someone encounters a Routine running an hour later than expected and doesn’t recreate, or disable/enable it a bazillion times trying to fix it, and it should really only need one go to sort itself out.

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