No support on this camera bug so thought I'd report it here

Support is giving me crap etc saying no one else has this bug … well how many people have exactly 4 camera’s set up. The bug is the smart app is useless after you add your 4th camea
I understand you only allow 4 but what if you need to go into the app to tweak something after you have 4. The only current solution is to delete the app and start over. And we all know how fun that is trying to get it to find your cameras in the first place… the screen shot below shows what happens whenever you open the app after you have 4 cameras

Also they told me to remove it… but if you notice there is not even an uninstall button on the smartapp once you reach the camera limit.


Hi Larry:
To change any camera settings you can do it through Edit Device, using the kebab menu icon.

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Hey there!

We have a variety of employees using 4 cameras.

What exactly are you trying to do in the SmartCam HD Pro Service Manager?

If you want to edit your existing cameras, follow this path:

Select the “My Home” menu at the bottom of the screen. It’s the icon with 4 squares in a grid.

Select “Things”.

Scroll down to one of your cameras and select it.

Click the three-dot overflow menu in the top right.

Select “Edit Device”

You can now edit your settings

We didn’t design this in such a way that you would need to go back into the Service Manager SmartApp except when you need to add a camera. Because you have four cameras, the page presents you with a notice that you can’t add any more. Editing the camera preferences and removing cameras happens at the device level - not inside of the Service Manager SmartApp.

Please let me know if you’re seeing a bug outside of what I’ve described above. It sounds like we could do a better job with the messaging on that page though, and I’ll get that feedback to the right team.


thank I know there were other settings in the setup routines that are not in the device settings.