No soft start on dimmers

First time posting, hoping someone can give me a hand.
I have a couple of plug-in dimmers, (Schlage RP200 and Evolve LDM-15).
and like the tinker I am, I,m trying to hook up a 120v relay to it. The problem is that since they dim up and down when triggering, my relay does a loud buzzing sound until it is fully activate (dimmer 100%).
Any suggestions on how I can modify code or good, efficient app that would do instant full on as opposed to gradually up?

You probably shouldn’t be using a dimmer for that installation. It may cause issues with the hardware that is attached if the relay doesn’t support dimming loads.

Or you could swap out the coil relay with an SSR (solid state relay), these allow for a wider range of trigger voltages, and do not make noise in any event.
One such as the following would work:

Thank you both for the replies. That helps me out.