No sensor readings from Aeon HEM v1

Yes i use both, the first one on washer and dryer m, and the second one for refrigerator and microwave.

Maybe you have a bad HEM unit. I haven’t touch firmware, it has whatever firmware came loaded.

I have never upgraded the firmware on my Aeon HEM v1’s ( I have two of them, and both work fine.)

The HEM seems to only send data when there is a change detected in the power being monitored. If you can, try plugging a lamp or hair-dryer into your ‘split jumper cable’ so you can turn a device on and off. This should cause values to be sent.

I use my HEM to monitor my washer and dryer using this DTH (a slight tweak of Mike Maxwell’s)

Thanks for the replies @ogiewon and @Smartphi.

Quick sanity check: In steady state, is the red LED supposed to be on or off?

I thought it was supposed to blink until it was paired and then go off, but in my testing tonight I have not seen the red LED turn off. I have not seen any configure messages fly by either, so I wonder if it finally stopped working 100%.

My RED LED is illuminated all of the time once paired.


At the recommendation of another troubleshooting thread (Troubleshooting Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter v1), I performed a Z-Wave exclusion and re-pair. One of my (now many) device handlers was picked by default afterwards and appears to be reporting in lock step with my turning a lamp on and off.

Prior to that, I also removed the device from the API and repaired, without success. My LED is now solid. I can’t explain why it was going off before the removal/exclusions.

I have one parting question: Do the K/L markings on the clamps have any implications for the dual clamp users? In my limited testing, I have clamps oriented both ways on the same wire and they are reporting within 1 watt of each other. See these links for what I am referring to:

Thanks for everyone’s help.