No 'recently' events on Android

It seems I’ve lost all ‘Recently’ evens for my home. I just get a blank page when trying to view recents for lights, switches, presence etc. Not sure what to do to fix, or if anyone else is having issues? Any help is appreciated.

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Same here for Android. I just reported that to support.

I’m on the latest Android app (2.1.3) and am not having a problem seeing recent events.

Not seeing as in have the same issue, or do not have the same issue ?

Same for me, nothing shows in Recent but just for some devices. Others show a few entries but not all


Yeah, definitely android app issue. Everything show in IDE but not on the phone apps. Hopefully you guys also reporting them to support.

The Android team is aware of this and will be working on a fix. Hopefully we can get a hotfix out. I’m pushing for a quick release.


The notification tab, sister tab to messages, has been empty since recent android update. Anyone else seeing this?

Yes many of us are, it is being suggested to open a ticket

Recent activity for some devices are also showing only a few or none, open a ticket for that as well

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My activity feed is in grey??

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It’s actually there, instead of the grey text on grey option you got the white on white. :smirk:

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You can also enable the ‘help us debug’ under Support in the hamburger menu as a workaround, you’ll see the notifications and a bunch more info in gray.

Yep, I’m getting this, think a few people are. Support have said they are working on it. I think the more people that log tickets the higher the priority so I’d really encourage you to also log a ticket.

Same here. Recently tab is empty. My Home throws “An unexpected error…”. Things list only spins.

v.1 hub, all up to date, uninstalled and reinstalled android app.

Yep, my Android phone shows no activity in Recent. Been this way for weeks now


Any update on this Tim @slagle

Now both of our phones show present with no activity even though we are at work

Mind boggling to me that this still isn’t working. It’s not like it’s a new feature — it was there, then fell out, and it’s been weeks with no sign of a fix. Very disappointing.

I’m sorry, but is there really still no fix for this? It’s been over three months since it was first spotted, and still nothing. I’m sure it’s not a huge feature to some, but it was something I used almost daily in checking my system, and I really can’t believe that it still hasn’t been addressed.

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