No neutral?

I have 1 spot in my house with no neutral at the switch. Any suggestions? I do not want to go the smart bulb route because I need my devices to all work manually as well has on smart things.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary, but there are a number of dimmer switches now available in most regions that can work without a neutral.

I am am in the US. There are only 2 recessed light fixtures in a small room. I would rather just stay away from a dimmer and just have on off control. The Smartest House recommended.
Any idea if the dimming can be turned off? FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Dimmer 2 FGD-212 - The Smartest House

The thing is the physics are different for dimmers and binary on/off switches which makes it way easier to create a no neutral dimmer than a no neutral binary relay. Because you always have to have a little bit of current so that the switch can hear the next radio command to turn on again. With most binary switches, off means off: there’s nothing left for the radio.

There are a couple which say they are on/off switches, but the fact is, most are really dimmer switches which only have two settings, 0% and 100%, so they seem like an on/off switch to the user but the physics is still that of a dimmer.

Sonoff zbmini L2 might work.

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To answer your question, yes dimming can be turned off on the Fibaro, The Smartest House know their stuff.

Another option…

Inovelli 2-1 Smart Switch (On/Off or Dimmer)

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