No Motion is not setting thermostat temp


I’m new to ST and have:
The new V2 hub
The new ST motion sensor
2gig CT100 thermostat

I have the thermostat upstairs. When the motion sensor detects movement I want the ac to come on to make the room comfortable. When no motion is detected for 15 minutes I want it to set the temp higher so that I’m not wasting electricity cooling a room no one is in.

I created two Routines, once to turn lower the ac temp when motion is detected, and one to raise them temp after no motion is detected for 15 minutes.

The routine to lower temp after sensing motion works. The one to raise the temp after no motion does not - this is where I need some assistance.

Automatically perform routine when Things Quiet Down for 15 minutes
Between 00:00 and 23:59
Set the thermostat: 69 heat / 77 cool

I can see in the Notifications when the motion sensor does not detect motion but I don’t see anything after 15 minutes where it’s sending the new temps to the thermostat.

Any suggestions?


Just noticed that at midnight this morning it ran the routine to raise the temp since things had settled down (no motion detected). So not sure why it waited until midnight to run this. It should run at any time during the day 15 minutes after motion stops.