‘No motion duration’ isn’t working correctly

So last night my tv just switched off at this time, but I figured it shouldn’t have as the living room motion sensor definitely had motion within that hour, in fact I’d literally just walked past it and triggered that sensor only 5 mins before 23:50. I’d have though it shouldnt let have switched off my harmony TV in this instance.

Any thoughts on this folks?

Using the options in the Automations is like flying blind on a rocket cycle.

I’ve not played with the options to find out what they really do, but I’d expect the ‘no motion for 30 minutes’ to represent a delay rather than a retrospective check. So what on earth does that mean when the automation is run at a fixed time?

Actually thinking more about it, it isn’t even clear how the conditions are being evaluated. It is tempting to think of Automations as running like a script, like webCoRE pistons are. However the ‘truth’ of each condition might be continuously updated independently for all I know. It makes a big difference.

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