No matter what I do I can't get Echo, Harmony hub and ST to cooperate

I followed all the instructions to a tee

  1. Installed harmony smart app on ST
    Went through all the steps to sync and no hiccups
    All the activities/switches are present & accounted for
  2. Installed ST skills on Alexa
  3. Alexa recognized all my activities/switches
  4. Give the command to Alexa “satellite” to watch directv which should turn on and select appropriate inputs for all the appliances for that command. I just hear that dull noise from Alexa when a command is not working.

Echo Works perfect with ifttt and also if I use my remote not with “Amazon Echo and ST”

Any advice would be appreciated as I am about to return it after hours of fustration.

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating! If you ask your question in the following thread, the people there should be able to help you, they all have the integration working. :sunglasses: