[NO LONGER WORKING] Curb Energy Monitor Integration

Thanks for the detailed explanation! From your screenshot, it looks like you are trying to publish Curb (Connect) as a Device Handler, rather than a SmartApp. On the API page, go to “My SmartApps” at the top, then click “New SmartApp”, select “From Code” and then paste in the contents of curb-connect.src. If you have Curb (Connect) under your “My Device Handlers” page, you will need to delete it.

A different (and recommended) way to pull in the code is instead to add a direct link to my github (Owner: jhaines0, Name: CurbBridge, Branch: master). This will pull the code in directly without needing to copy-paste and has the added benefit of being able to easily update if I make any changes on github.

I recommend removing the Curb (Connect) app from the mobile app so that you can start from scratch once you get the code pulled in. Not sure, but it sounds like you may have ended up in a funny half-baked state…

Thank you Justin. Your explanation fixed part of the issue. I have published Curb (Connect) under SmartApps with a direct link to your GitHub. I also enabled OAuth.

After publishing the Curb in IDE, I opened the ST app, removed all the curb sensors, and then opened the SmartApp section, added Curb connect (for the first time), entered the credentials, and change the sample rate to 4. Then Add > Devices > Curb to add all the curb sensors.

Now, I see all the curb sensors but still, when I click on any of them, this message pops up “We need to download an add-on to help you get the most from your Dryer” CANCEL or DOWNLOAD. And when I choose “download”, it says “Couldn’t download controller for Dryer”

I also get so many debug/error on live logging:

It seems I am still doing something wrong. Any thought?

Hi @jh0, not sure if you got a notification, so I thought I should retry. Thanks

@bbt I’ll follow up in a DM. We’ll get you sorted out

Hey Justin,
Just want to start off by saying thank you for this project.
I got it displaying info in the new smartthings app but I was wondering if you could address why when I try to set an automation for a device it limits it 0-999 Watts?

I am trying to setup an automation that will allow the AC to turn on when enough solar is being produced. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Hi @wyattb, glad you’re enjoying this integration! I’ve got good news and bad news: Good news is that you’re not alone; I also see the 999W maximum on power-based Automations. The bad news is that this is a limitation of the SmartThings Automations app, so I can’t change it… :frowning:

I recommend you take a look at webCoRE to set up more advanced automations. I do all of my power-based automations in webCoRE and can confirm they don’t have any limit on the power thresholds used.

Otherwise, you might try reaching out to SmartThings support to see if the maximum can be changed on their side, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

Good luck!

I will look into webCoRE. Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

Hey again,
So after looking into webCoRE it looks like they are phasing out support for Groovy.

Do you know if it will still work when that happens? If not do you know of any home automation that can link the Curb system to it?

Kind of bummed out considering I just go the Curb system installed and bought a ST hub to automate things.

Honestly, I’m not sure what will break and when with the changes to ST. My understanding is that ST hired the main developer of webcore and there will be some attempt to continue supporting webcore into the future. For this Curb integration, I do expect that one day it will stop working as written. My plan is when that day comes to figure out a new strategy to pull Curb data into my automation system. Could be hubitat, home assistant, or maybe migrate to the “new way” (whatever that turns out to be…) on ST.

This is sad news for me. I have been using Curb + SmartThings for a very long time.