[NO LONGER WORKING] Curb Energy Monitor Integration

Glad to hear you got it up and running!

I originally limited the updates to 5 second intervals, but switched to 1 second since I’ve built a “dashboard” for my house with a needle gauge showing live power consumption and its much more satisfying to watch with a higher sample rate. I agree that most people don’t need this, so I’ve added a setting to the smartapp that allows you to select a sample period. After pulling from github, you will be able to go to the smartapp preferences and dial in your preferred period.

initialstate looks pretty cool! Since the CurbBridge generates ST events (like every other device), I’d guess you would be able to follow the instructions in this thread to shuffle the data off to initialstate. It should be possible to create a direct curb/initialstate connection with a different (but similar) bridge application like I’ve created if you don’t want ST involved at all, but I’ll leave that for the next dev who gets excited about initialstate :slight_smile:

a few of my probes are showing up as negative. what woulds you need to figure out the issue? I saw mention of this issue in a past post.

When the negative consumption issue was found before, the issue was related to using the bridge with multiple hubs. I believe I have corrected that bug. A few questions:

  • Are you using the latest version of the bridge from GitHub?
  • How many curbs do you have?
  • Do the sensors report positive values on the curb portal?

To investigate further, I’ll want to have a look at the console output from the node.js program during authentication. If you could pm me the output up until the data starts streaming that would be helpful.

I’m using the latest version. I integrated with github.
I have 2 curbs.
The sensors are reporting correctly on curb portal.

I’ll PM you the console output.

Just a follow-up from your initialstate.com suggestion: This thread links to a new blog post at the initialstate blog which seems to address your goal. I haven’t tried it, but my quick read of the post leads me to believe that CurbBridge will work as a data source without any modification. Please let us know if you give it a try!

You may have noticed that in the last day or so Curb has done a major update to their software. This update has completely broken my CurbBridge integration with SmartThings. I’d really like to get it working again, but their API documentation (previously at http://docs.energycurb.com/) has been taken down, so they may be trying to close down access to the system. I’ll definitely post here if I get it up and going again, but I don’t have high hopes.

I don’t think @Erik has appeared on this forum beyond his original announcement, but it would be great if he could post here with some context. I know that for me, getting Curb data into SmartThings is a game changer and a more significant feature than any fancy GUI changes they could possibly make to the web app. I’d love to work with Curb to re-enable my integration.


I noticed this as well. I sent Curb a support request, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.


Hey there,
I’m a developer at curb, and we’ve drastically altered our api. We’ll be releasing the documentation in the coming weeks as things settle down. We’re prioritizing the developer community and our api more than ever, and we’re super excited to see how people end up tinkering with their Curb data. Thanks for being patient!

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Thanks for the insight! Also, I’m glad to hear that Curb is on board with non-standard uses of their system. I look forward to updating my CurbBridge software to work with the new curb API as soon as documentation becomes available.

Hi Justin and All,

We are excited to have you leveraging the Curb data and we are looking forward to exploring more use cases. As Neil mentioned above, we’ve gone through a restructuring of our backend system to enable faster feature development and deeper integrations with platforms like Smartthings. Thanks for the patience as we get the new documentation updated!


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Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to re-enabling my integration when the docs come out.

@Neil_Z and @Erik any updates for us? I’m really missing my curb data

same here… thanks …

@Dianoga @BatraD I’m missing it too! We had a good call with @jh0 last week to walk him through our new API. Sounds like he has made some good progress, but still doing a bit of fine tuning…
Expect an update soon!

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Many thanks to the Curb guys (@Erik, @Neil_Z and crew) for being super supportive of this project! I’ve made good progress getting CurbBridge back up and running and have high hopes that it will be ready for primetime soon. Just a couple more quirks with the new authentication system to iron out. I’ll definitely report here as soon as its ready for beta test round two.



Any updates ? Would love to have my Curb system up and reporting again into ST


Very close! I’ve been going back and forth with @Neil_Z getting the kinks worked out. I’m planning to push something tonight which will be ready for you to try. It will come with the caveat that stability may not be 100% since it won’t have many hours on it, but I figure the sooner I can get other folks testing, the faster the issues will be found.

I just pushed an update to CurbBridge which works well for me and is ready for some other folks to try. From the perspective of the user, the installation and authentication process haven’t changed, but the guts have been significantly reworked.

If you’re trying to update from the old version of CurbBridge, you’ll have to do the following to clear out the old before starting fresh:

  • Uninstall the CurbBridge SmartApp from ST. This should automatically remove all of your power sensors. Unfortunately this is required since the internal IDs of all the sensors have changed, and there isn’t an easy way to migrate. If anything is left behind after uninstall (or uninstallation fails) you will need to use the API to go to your location page (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/location) and manually delete all of the CurbBridge devices and smartapp.
  • Delete the CurbBridgeData.json file from your git checkout
  • Update the git repo
  • Update the node dependencies by running
    npm install .
    in the directory with the package.json file
  • Run the authentication process as before

A couple of caveats to this release:

  • I haven’t had this running long enough to really test its endurance. If you stop getting data, check the console and see if it is reporting any problems. Take note of how long the app was running for and post here with details.
  • I added a cool feature which shows usage graphs in the ST app. This is based on an undocumented feature of the ST system (htmlTile) and doesn’t always work. Your mileage may vary. Hopefully in the future ST supports this feature officially.


installed the new code on my Ubuntu PC

I now see ~31 devices (mostly duplicates)… Should be 18 probes for the Curb unit

Edi: deleted the devices manually from GIT, deleted the CurbBridge folder from my Ubuntu PC, reinstalled, still the same issue…


Did you clean out all of the old ones from the previous version of Curb Bridge? Check out your device list and sort by type. Everything listed under “Curb Power Meter” should have a Device Network ID of the form 12345678-90ab-cdef-1234-567890abcdef except for one with __ OTHER __ and one with __ MAIN __. If you have anything else, you will need to manually delete it.