*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Hi @fordcrews, do you mean in MyEcobee DTH?

If it’s your question, no, they will no show up as a DTH and a smartapp are not interlinked visually.

They will only be used in the MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp to ajust the thermostat setpoints by creating temporary holds at the thermostat to reflect the temp differential between your thermostat’s temperature and your sensors’ average.

For more details, refer to the ST community wiki:



Thanks, some how somewhere in the long thread, I was thinking they would look pretty much like a sensor to the ecobee, thought I had missed something somewhere cause they weren’t. The ecobee’s ui is better looking than smartthings and I was hoping to have the bedroom ST sensors averaged in sleep mode, and living room, kitchen, den, ST sensors averaged when home not asleep like you can do with the ecobee app. Would you do this by running MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp twice, once with bedrooms used set to process when a virtual switch called sleep is on, and a 2nd time with the other rooms set to be processed when a virtual switch called home is on? Is there an easier way to do this?

Sorry if it’s already been asked, but does your DH work with ecobee4?

Yes, there is better app for this and it requires a contribution at my store (as it represents more than 3 years of work).

It’s called ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule and let you define which room’ sensors are part of a scheduled zone during a specific period of the day. It can reproduce the ecobee’s follow me and smart away features with any ST connected sensors.

You can even choose the calculation method for your sensors (average, median, minimum, maximum, heat/min-cool/max).

You have many more features like alternative cooling, zoning with smart vents, etc.

Refer to the ST community wiki for more details:



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Of course, it works with all ecobee thermostats even the older models like the ecobee SI, STAT-02 and even the ecobee EMS…


See the use cases at the begininng of this thread.

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Thanks, so another $15 that’s cool, you have done a great job on this.

Is there a trick to removing these smart apps easily? I was having internet issues when I installed this, and some how the device said it failed to install, so I clicked done a 2nd time, and didn’t notice I now have 2 ecobee3, both connected, and showing the same data, can’t seem to delete either one of them. Same thing happened with ecobeeRemoteSensor, I have 2 I can’t delete, Same with MyEcobeeInit, there are 2 when you try to remove either, get same ! an error occurred. I’m scared to add ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule until I get the duplicates removed.


Like any DTHs under ST, you’d need first to unselect the instantiated devices from any smartapps or routines before any attempt to remove them.

Refer to the ST community wiki for any troubleshooting issues:



Thanks, was easier to delete that I feared it would be. They really need to implement snapshots for smartthings, when some apps can generate dozens of children, it can be a real pain when you make a mistake. :wink:

Now that I have ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, do I still need MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp at all? I’m paranoid I’m going to get 2 many things going in the background that cause things to act strangely

No, ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule has all the MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp’s features and much more…

Please refer to the ST community wiki for more details about its configuration (depending on your use cases):



I read that, It looked like it did it all, just wanted to make sure before I deleted the other one.

Recently contributed to yvesracine’s beer fund. This is a great SmartApp. His app makes my Ecobee3 Lite invaluable in my home. Look forward to the updates.


Worked great, one suggestion, maybe on the opening config screen a warning don’t hit back, us the return to previous screen at the bottom of each section. Twice after nearly completing setup, I hit back at the top and lost all settings.

Thnx for your feedback.

Actually, I did warn about the back button here:



Ok, I missed that, and it got me twice, it’s so tempting to hit back to get to the previous screen.

I will add the warning in the page.

:wink: Just a simple maybe simple red Don’t Panic, Don’t Hit Back on the first screen should be enough.

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Hi @yvesracine I just downloaded and install the app. I love how it looks and it offers a lot more options than the native one that ST offers at the marketplace. However, I have noticed a big issue. I have several automatic routines that are supposed to set a new temp range when they are executed. I have tried it and I notice the range is set, but it immediately switches back to the Ecobee’s schedule.

I am not interested in using the thermostat’s schedule at all at them moment since I find it easier to manage the temperature through ST routines. Any idea of what might be happening? I have tried playing with the “hold” options switching from “permanent” to “resume after next event” or whatever that one is called.

Any help would be great.

Thank you

Hi @vicman426,

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Are you talking about the cooling/heating setpoint ranges? The setpoint ranges are used to control the cooling/heating setpoint high and low values allowed to be sent to ecobee, and they only are set at ecobee (not in ST, so they are read-only unless you send the right setThermostatSettings command to ecobee).

If you’re trying to send cooling/heating setpoints above or below the ecobee preset ranges, the command will be discarded by the DTH.

Please enable tracing & set logLevel to 5 and send me the sequence of commands that you’re trying to do at services@maisonsecomatiq.com along with the logs for MyEcobee device in the IDE (just filter the logs for My ecobee device only).

For more information on how to enable tracing, refer to



Hate to bother you, but the question above got me thinking, after setting this up, should I remove the schedules inside the ecobee app/thermostat and let smartthings handle all the changing of modes/temps it seems like if I don’t remove them they could bump heads.


Here is an excerpt from


Here are some basic explanations on how to maximize your ecobee thermostats’ use under ST.

Most of my Ecobee smartapps have been developed with this principle in mind: ecobee is responsible for the basic scheduling (as it’s more reliable and also accessible from the physical thermostat anytime) and ST is responsible for managing exceptions to the schedules that you define (i.e., ‘Away’ or ‘Home’ mode switch as an example).

Look for ST scheduler issues in the ST community threads…You don’t want to exclusively rely on ST for your thermostat’s scheduling…

Also, look at the configuration section about the holdType parameter. I’d recommend to set it up as ‘nextTransition’ to avoid conflicts.



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