*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Thanks i got it figured out. i think my sharptools dashboard was overriding it instantly.

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Good news for all my contributors (and all Ecobee users)…

You can now use the custom capabilities (presence, humidity, Ecobee climate set, mode, etc) for your Automation scenarios, see screenshot below:



Has the contact/motion combo been added and able to be used in ST?

Hi @rontalley, I spoke to ecobee APIs support about them recently, and there is no ecobee plan to add them to the APIs for now.


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Interesting device. One came in a 3 Lite bundle deal that I installed for a client. They didn’t necessarily need it but they are also looking at adding other “Smarts”. Would of been cool if we could get these into ST somehow.

I’ve always used the WindowsOrDoorsOpen smartapp to turn off air conditioning on the Ecobee whenever I have my patio door open. But today I noticed with the door opened, my air conditioning continued to run. I updated to the new SmartThings iOS app a few days ago, and when I went into the smartapp section, I don’t see the WindowsOrDoorsOpen smartapp listed anymore (I do see the rest of the myecobee devices smartapps listed though).

Is there a reason the WindowsorDoorsOpen smartapp doesn’t show up in the new ST app, and how do I go about fixing it?

@rvs007, no idea as it should be listed under your automations.
I’ve noticed that the new UI would take some time to populate…And, there are some missing automations in my own list.

You may want to check under the IDE first…In any case, if missing, you can add the smartapp using the option next to the 2 vertical dots in the upper right (android).


I’ve confirmed it’s listed under the IDE. In looking into this some more I noticed I’m missing a few new smartapps that you had made available so I added a few of those as well. But none of them has appeared on my Automations list in the iOS app. I uninstalled the WindowsOrDoorsOpen smartapp from the IDE and tried installing it again. It’s listed under the IDE, but not in the iOS app.

The New UI rollout has been quite problematic for me. I lost control of my SmartThings outlets (zigbee devices) for 2 days and it just got fixed this morning. I should email ST support about the smartapp not showing up and see if they can help.



Just want to inform my contributors and all ecobee users that a new versions of MyEcobeeDevice(v6.3.1) & MyEcobeeInit (v5.2.2) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.


  • You’d probably need to refresh the Samsung connect app’s cache in order to see the UI changes. There are some instructions to do so in the release notes.
  • Since MyEcobeeDevice V6.1 , the new presentation (UI) adds a custom capability (set Target Humidity** for controlling humidity via the dehumidifiers/humidifiers connected to your ecobee tstat(s) , see image below).
  • The new version of MyEcobee device (v6.3.1) aims to correct some incompatibility issues with the new Samsung app in terms of automations/scenes since the last Samsung app version.

And, there is also the ecobee Switch with all standard switch capabilities:

On top of it, there are many complimentary smartapps designed for My ecobee DTH and are located at my github. All ecobee smartapps are explained at the ST community wiki (all ecobee* smartapps):


You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

My Ecobee DTHs (thermostat, switch) are available at my store:




I’m unable to edit existing automations on My Ecobee devices, and new ones cannot have the My Ecobee devices in the “If” part. The existing If entries have “Unknown Condition” as the criteria.

The is on iOS app (latest version 1.6.70)

I already upgraded to the latest versions of My Ecobee (MyEcobeeDevice(v6.3.1) & MyEcobeeInit (v5.2.2))

Any advice?


You may want to contact SmartThings support as this seems to be a specific issue under your ST account.

I can access automation/scenes without issues under my account (I’m on Android)

I’m sorry but I cannot reproduce your UI issue.


Do you have an iOS device that you can test with? I was able to edit/add when I changed the device type (aka handler), in the IDE, to Z-Wave thermostat.

Are there any other users who have an iOS device?

No, I don’t have any iOS devices. You can try to switch to a Z-Wave tstat, and back to My Ecobee Device, and clear the cache (as indicated in the installation pdf file) .

Otherwise, if it doesn’t work, I’d try to reinstall from scratch. And, like I wrote to you, this may be a specific ST UI issue not related to my code per se.



I needed to perform extra steps to get the “MyEcobeeInit” (and presumably any custom app) to appear in the SmartThings app. The following steps were required instead of “Step 3” of the MyEcobee Device Type README (device-type.myecobee/README.md at master · yracine/device-type.myecobee · GitHub).

The “MyEcobeeInit” SmartApp was not showing up in the SmartThings app, despite killing the app and reopening several times. I took the following steps…

  1. Login to https://my.smartthings.com/
    (This is in Beta and I only learned about it via another ST community topic.)

  2. Click “Automations”

  3. Select “Add Groovy SmartApp”

  4. Select “MyEcobeeInit” and step through the rest of the process.

After that, I as able to see MyEcobeeInit in the Automations tab of the app.
I was able to continue to step 4 in the MyEcobee Device setup instructions either through the app or by continuing the process on my.smartthings.com

Perhaps a similar process used to be available directly through the app, but it was not available for me.
Consider an update to the instructions.

Thank you!

Hi, this is an alternate way to add a Smartapp.

The direct way to the following IDE URLs are still working


And, you can still use the SmartThings app to add a smartapp via the automation sub menu>Add Routine (upper right corner) > Discover option (bottom menu).

So my instructions are still valid.


Thanks, Yves. I see now how the instructions lead to the right answer.

If you are interested, the yellow highlighted areas in the images are the parts of the instructions that originally threw me off the intended path.

“Add Smartapp” is shown in such a way to make me think I am looking for the literal text “Add Smartapp”, just like I found the literal text “Add Routine” and “Discover”.

In the latest version of the app, the only thing I see that might be considered the “Custom section” is a tab at the top of the Add Routine page called “Custom” (as opposed to the “Discover” tab) that took me in the wrong direction.

Thanks again for this incredible software.

Sorry, it’s the end of the road for me.


You’re welcome to come to the Hubitat platform where my solutions are alive and kicking. I have had a Hubitat store for more than a year at my site…


Is this software going to cease functioning after the Sept 22 update? I assume it will, which is a bit frustrating since I only purchased it less than a year ago. Or am I missing something?

I simply want to be able to make my ecobee geofencing work with more than one phone. This software allowed me to do this with the exposure of the comfort settings in ST. Is the only answer that we must move to another home automation platform?

FYI we have been discussing options for the post Groovy world in this thread I started. Unfortunately we have not found any great solutions, but we’ve found workable things to use at least in the interim.