*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!



Just want to inform my contributors and all ecobee users that a new versions of MyEcobeeDevice(v6.3.1) & MyEcobeeInit (v5.2.2) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.


  • You’d probably need to refresh the Samsung connect app’s cache in order to see the UI changes. There are some instructions to do so in the release notes.
  • Since MyEcobeeDevice V6.1 , the new presentation (UI) adds a custom capability (set Target Humidity** for controlling humidity via the dehumidifiers/humidifiers connected to your ecobee tstat(s) , see image below).
  • The new version of MyEcobee device (v6.3.1) aims to correct some incompatibility issues with the new Samsung app in terms of automations/scenes since the last Samsung app version.

And, there is also the ecobee Switch with all standard switch capabilities:

On top of it, there are many complimentary smartapps designed for My ecobee DTH and are located at my github. All ecobee smartapps are explained at the ST community wiki (all ecobee* smartapps):


You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

My Ecobee DTHs (thermostat, switch) are available at my store: