*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

I left mine unplugged for an hour. It flipped several times. It does what is important. Let you know when there is trouble. I have gotten one notice so far of a disconnect.

Hello. I’m having a “disconnect” between Smartthings and my Ecobee using your device driver. Had been working just fine for months, but just stopped. Each is working fine otherwise. I can get to my Ecobee’s portal just fine, I can get to Smartthings IDE just fine. The however the data in Smartthings is now a day or two old and it can not send commands. It doesn’t report anything as being down, it just fails.
Any suggestions?

Hi, please refer to my previous post. I don’t have any information from you on which version you are using at your location.

Thank you. I will download and update and only reply if I still have issues. Thanks again.

Just purchased your Ecobee device. Looking forward to using it for advanced control of my thermostat.

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Just want to inform my contributors and all ecobee users that new version of MyEcobeeDevice(v5.9.9x.9) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link or your sellfy account provided that you’ve followed the update procedure indicated at my store (under the terms of service).

The new version corrects minor issues related to the ST platform.

MyEcobeeTstat MyEcobeeTstatP2

You basically just need to install the DTHs once, and forget about it. The code will recover and resend any failed thermostat or switch command in the next hour window after an ST or ecobee outage. No other ecobee implementation (and especially the ST stock device) can match this level of resilience and reliability.

If you’re are a contributor to one of my support packages (and I have access to your ST account), the upgrade has already been done for you. You don’t need to do anything, everything has been taken care of.

All the complimentary smartapps ( with My Ecobee device) are located at my github and are explained at the ST community wiki (all ecobee* smartapps):


My Ecobee DTHs are available at my store:


You basically just need to install the DTHs once, and forget about it.

Can you clarify what this means? Does it mean I open the SmartThings IDE, go to “My Device Handlers”, open “My Ecobee Device”, then replace the code with the latest version, then save & publish? Then we don’t need to do anything else?



To update the code, refer to the ST community wiki (everything is documented there):


Is there a free version to try so I can see if it does what I want before buying?

How does this work with the built-in ecobee scheduling?

Does this allow for control/overrride of ecobee settings, including accessory devices like HRVs?

Does this work with webcore? Can it do things like override the mode?

Thank you

Hi, here my answers to your questions:

  1. Is there a free version to try so I can see if it does what I want before buying?

No, sorry… Please refer to the 1st post of this thread or the ST community wiki for more details about all the complimentary smartapps developed and tested with My Ecobee device.


  1. How does this work with the built-in ecobee scheduling?

Yes, it is explained in the 1st post of this thread and at the ST community wiki:

*Most of my Ecobee smartapps have been developed with this principle in mind: ecobee is responsible for the basic scheduling (as it’s more reliable and also accessible from the physical thermostat anytime) and ST is responsible for managing exceptions to the schedules that you define (i.e., ‘Away’ or ‘Home’ mode switch as an example).


  1. Does this allow for control/overrride of ecobee settings, including accessory devices like HRVs?

Yes, all the methods, overrides & attributes available are described at the ST community wiki under the information section.


Please note that there is a complimentary smartapp you can use to control your Humidifier/Dehumidifer/HRV/ERV connected to ecobee as well (ex. MonitorAndSetHumidity) at my github.

  1. Does this work with webcore? Can it do things like override the mode?

Yes, some of my contributors use My Ecobee device with Webcore.

The list of commands (about 90 commands) & attributes (more than 160 attributes including HomeIQ daily/weekly/monthly stats for all your HVAC components ) available are listed at the ST community wiki (as indicated in my previous answer).


FYI, I don’t use Webcore per se as my smartapps cover the most common use cases.

Thank you

I purchased the package for the Ecobee3 with remote sensors on March 8th, but I’m just getting to installing it now. When I get to the last page in Ecobeeinit (“Other Settings”) and press “Done” I get “an unexpected error occurred” and I can’t continue.

Is there an update or did I make a mistake during setup?


Yes, there has been minor updates since March, but your version should also work w/o issues. It’s hard for me to help without logs coming from the IDE, but it looks like you haven’t saved AND published the Device Type Handler(s). To get the new minor updates, you can just click on the original download link.

As indicated in the pdf installation file, please follow all the prerequisites and installation steps in the README at the github.

You can also refer to the ST community wiki for more troubleshooting. There are some screenshots under MyEcobeeInit.


If you have further questions, please send them to services@maisonsecomatiq.com (and include some logs).

Finally, I can also install the code for you under your ST account provided that you also contribute to my consulting services or the 6-month support package if you need further assistance.


I had saved and published the Device Type Drivers. They were displayed in the IDE. BUT, the IDE was out of sync with the mobile app and was not displaying my hub or devices.

Once I re-selected my location, which then displayed my hub and devices, I re-added the Device Type Drivers and Smart Apps (they were no longer displayed after connecting to my hub).

Everything is working properly now.

Is there a way to change the icon for the remote sensors?


I’m glad that it worked for you. The location needs to be set as indicated in the prerequisites of the README.

To be able to change the icon, in the code of the Remote Sensor DTH, you need to add “,canChangeIcon:true” at the end of line 52 after the height attribute before the ‘)’ in the valueTile called temperature, and then save & publish. That should do the trick.


One of my thermostats has quit responding. The date is Frozen at November 3. Under the recent tab it shows commands trying 3 times and exiting. My other thermostats work.

Is this a known issue?

Hi, do you have the latest version? You can always use the selffy link to download the latest version.

If your other thermostats are still working, it’s not the code per se.

It could be a temporary issue with ecobee, there has been ecobee outages recently due to planned schedule maintenance.


So, in order to reconnect with ecobee, you just need to go under Automation/Smartapps in the ST classic app, click on MyEcobeeInit, and reconnect with ecobee using your ecobee credentials.

For more information on how to set up watchdogs (to avoid ST schedulinv issues), please refer to the ST community wiki:


How do I know what version do I have. I have been using it for a while and is definitely a great product. Is there a way I can use the ecobee temperature/ motion sensor to turn on a light in a room? Thank You

Hi, there is a version number in the My ecobee DTH’s header. Also, there is a release notes file in the zip.

For your use case, I’d not recommend the ecobee’s remote sensors to detect motion as they are in fact just occupancy sensors. It takes up to 30 minutes to detect motion…


Your product has been working very well and I do think it a great product. I only have one room which stays cold despite the keen vents. But I will be fixing that issue by installing an electric baseboard heater, which I plan to control with a sonoff switch controller and xiaomi temperature/humidity controller. That way I can keep the room at night at about 68 and there will be no need for the zone heating to compensate for the heating of that room. The room is occupied.

Had service for ecobee go down today but I was able to adjust the heating using your device. Great app.

Thank you.

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This is more of a general Ecobee question than one specific to this app, but there are a lot of smart folks here, so what the heck. I have one Ecobee thermostat already that controls my heat (dining room). I also have 2 sensors (bedroom and living room).
I want to get a 2nd thermostat to control my central AC this summer.

  1. Will the both be able to use the sensors? Or will I have to unpair/repair them every time seasons switch?
  2. Will one thermostat be able to use the other thermostat as an additional sensor? (In winter, the heat thermostat can use the AC thermostat to get temp and motion readings in that area. And vice/versa)
    Any help would be appreciated.