*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Hi, please refer to 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported by My Ecobee device or the ST community wiki for the list of all capabilities, commands and attributes available:


Yes, you can trigger the emergency heat using the emergencyHeat command in My Ecobee DTH.
You can call this method within webcore (Rule Engine) according to your own requirements.

For no 2, I believe that you refer to the auxMaxOutdoorTemp attribute in the ecobee APIs which can also be set with webcore by calling the setAuxMaxOutdoorTemp command in the DTH according to your own custom rules (and also your own schedule).


The setAuxMaxOutdoorTemp command is available as indicated here:

For more info about webcore, refer to the forum below (I don’t use webcore, but a lot of my contributors do for their custom HA scripts and the forum can help):


Hi, I added some new settings in ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (v8.6) for your use case (and more).

The smartapp is based on the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules.

In ScheduleSetup>OutdoorThresholdsSetup, you can now set the auxMaxOutdoorTemp attribute which means that you can set up different values during the day depending on the time and outdoor temperature. You can set some different auxMaxOutdoorTemp values when the outdoorTemp is less than a minimum outdoor temp value or greater than a maximum outdoor temp value.

The ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp is part of My Ecobee Bundle at my store.


For more information about My Ecobee device and ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, you can refer to the ST community wiki:



Hi Yves, thanks for the great work on the ecobee smartthings integration. Is it possible to use physical thermostats with temperature display and controls instead of the passive ecobee thermostat in each room/zone? Having an “active” (i.e. able to manually set the temperature) physical device on the wall is preferable for my needs so that I don’t have to worry about setting up mobile apps for guests or old folks who can’t use one. If there are hardware thermostat models that can work with your software, ecobee, keen and smartthings, could you comment about those, please. If the thermostat also has occupancy sensor, that will be great, but that’s not a dealbreaker.

Sorry if this question has been answered already - if you can point me to those, that will be great. I searched but couldn’t find such info, perhaps I wasn’t using the correct keywords?!

Hi, I understand that you would like to use physical thermostats in your zones/rooms, yes, it can be done in my zoning smartapps. In ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, you can use any ST connected thermostats (zwave, zigbee, Nest, Honewell) in RoomSetup. For each room, you can associate the thermostat of your liking as long as it’s connected to SmartThings and follows the ST standard capabilities. However, the"slave thermostats" will be dependent on the main master thermostat in terms of setpoints & thermostat modes. You can use the virtual zone devices to adjust your “slave” thermostats’ setpoints based on some temp delta vs. the main thermostat’s setpoint (+/- 3F for example).

It’s really up to you to choose the best room/zone thermostat for your needs. I don’t know anything about your requirements (will it control some in-line baseboards, fireplaces, hot water valves, mini/window splits, portable heaters/coolers ??) and this is bit outside of the scope of my code.

For windows/mini splits, and portable heaters/coolers, I can refer you to the Flair puck and my thread below.

Please refer to the ST community wiki for more details about zone/room thermostats in ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule.


If you have some specific questions, it’s easier for me to keep track of your communications via gmail conversations at services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

P.S. Of course, you can also use a ST connected thermostat for its temp or motion sensor capability in my smartapps as long as they support the corresponding ST standard capabilities in their DTHs. For example, My Nest implementation does it just like My ecobee device.


Just want to say that this SmartApp bundle is awesome and I’m loving it so far. Thanks!

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Just want to inform my contributors and all ecobee users that new versions of MyEcobeeDevice(v5.9.9x.8), and MyEcobeeSwitch(v1.0.4) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link or your sellfy account provided that you’ve followed the update procedure indicated at my store (under the terms of service).

**The new versions are even more resilient to the ST timeout/scheduling (due to rate limiting) or the ecobee server issues that affect the SmartThings integration.

Refer to the ecobee status page for the recent ecobee outages:


MyEcobeeTstat MyEcobeeTstatP2

You basically just need to install the DTHs once, and forget about it. The code will recover and resend any failed thermostat or switch command in the next hour window after an ST or ecobee outage. No other ecobee implementation (and especially the ST stock device) can match this level of resilience and reliability.

If you’re are a contributor to one of my support packages (and I have access to your ST account), the upgrade has already been done for you. You don’t need to do anything, everything has been taken care of.

All the complimentary smartapps ( with My Ecobee device) are located at my github and are explained at the ST community wiki (all ecobee* smartapps):


My Ecobee DTHs are available at my store:


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Hi Racine,

I purchased a Support Package. What do I need to do such that these updates are made for me?



Well, you need to send me your ST and ecobee credentials to services@maisonsecomatiq.com. Without your credentials (usernames/passwords), I cannot do the minor updates for you.


OK…. I sent to the Email address. Thanks for the reply and support.

Thanks for this URL. It really very helpful for me.

I am running the latest version of your device and smart app. Been working great for a year, over the last day lots of problems. Smartthings now only gets set point updates and remote sensor updates not operating state changes such as heat on or idle. Are others experiencing this? Its also the same in the Ecobee app and Ecobee website so it looks like an Ecobee problem.

Yes, there have been a lot of ecobee server issues in the past (6) months. You may want to subscribe to the status page to get notifications about them (and scheduled maintenance).


Now, when you say the latest version, do you mean My Ecobee device v5.9.9x.8e and MyEcobeeInit v4.1b? If not, I strongly recommend to you to update to those versions as I’ve made some refresh token logic enhancements in the last minor versions …

Otherwise, please refer to the ST community wiki for any issues, there are some explanations & recommendations (ex. watchdog).



To be clear, this is not a problem with authentication, I still receive thermostat set point updates, remote sensors temp updates, just state changes for heating, cooling, or idle are not updating for the last 24 hrs.

Yes I am on the latest for all versions.

Yes, it’s all explained above. This not related to my code per se. As soon as the ecobee server issues are fixed, you should get some thermostatOperatingState updates.

Ecobee has offered some (basic) explanations and excuses as stated in my post more than 2 months ago.

P.S. BTW, according to my records, you’ve been using MyEcobee device for more than 3 years. Time flies.

From my logs, ecobee has gone from a 1-3 min api update from temp or tstat change to a 15 min api update. This is an unacceptable lag for a modern day product to process single value data and spit out an api update.

I’m also having issues with Ecobee not updating the Equipment Status. Hoping this gets fixed soon since I use the status to trigger certain things.

FYI, about the equipment status:


For all ecobee users out there,

Apart from the current situation where some ecobee API infos are missing due to the ecobee frequent outages (equipmentStatus/OperatingState, occupany from the ecobee’s remote sensors), My Ecobee device just works normally and can reissue your thermostat commands when the (ST/ecobee) temporary outage is over. The code has been refined over the years and proven to be reliable and resilient to most of the ST/ecobee outages in the past months.

You do not need to re-login in the middle of an ecobee outage as my code is able to re-issue the auth tokens during or after the ecobee/ST outage.

Please subscribe to the ecobee status page in order to get notifications about upcoling scheduled maintenance or current ecobee issues (if any).



I am new to Smartthings. (I joined because Stringify is going away.) So I have run into a limitation with My Ecobee and want to make sure that it is not something I did.

The limitation is seems to be that you use more than three thermostats you will have problems.

If you assign more than 3 thermostats in Webcore, you will get a load error when you open the dashboard.

When I had all 5 thermostats setup, I couldn’t add the sensors. After experiencing the problem with Webcore, I just setup 3 thermostats and I could add the sensors.

So is there a limit of 3 thermostats?

After reading some threads about communication problems, I will probably make a SmartApp for each thermostat. But still webcore can’t take more than 3 thermostats.

Hi, I don’t use webcore, but I can tell you that the limitation is on the webcore side, not My Ecobee. Please contact webcore support for any webcore issues.

FYI, if you have multiple thermostats, you can also use the iterateXXXX methods in My ecobee device to set the same thermostat settings on multiple thermostats. You can then use only 1 thermostat to do so (and not load the others).

Refer to the ST community wiki for more details on the commands available: