*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® products: migrated to custom capabilities (home/away, motion, presence, and more)!

yvesracine - In light of Googles change of heart, do you plan to continue to maintain My Next Manager for Nest, and then migrate to Googles new platform when they have that ready?

I will maintain MyNextManager as long as I can… For the migration to Google, that’s a different story as I don’t know if the same features will be available. That’s a major release in my book or even a different product altogether.

Hi, thanks for a great integration. Now that Nest/Google has stopped folks from signing up for developer accounts I was hoping to use your Smartthings integration to feed entities in Home Assistant. I purchased the full package and it’s working in Smartthings. There are also some sensors/entities that are exposed/usable in HA via HA’s Smartthings integration.

Cameras - Switch on/off & Presence
Thermostat - what it’s set to (setpoint) / presence / climate*
Protect - not tested yet

My actual issue is that I get the following error in HA related to the climate entity / thermostat card:

2019-07-11 19:09:05 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.smartthings] Exception in async_update_state when dispatching ‘smartthings_update’: ({‘6edbeb62-3022-4074-bfa3-cef3c4dff2a4’},)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/smartthings/init.py”, line 367, in async_update_state
await self.async_update_ha_state(True)
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/entity.py”, line 225, in async_update_ha_state
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/entity.py”, line 255, in _async_write_ha_state
attr.update(self.state_attributes or {})
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/climate/init.py”, line 211, in state_attributes
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/temperature.py”, line 26, in display_temp
temperature, temperature_unit, ha_unit)
File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/util/temperature.py”, line 25, in convert
from_unit, TEMPERATURE))
ValueError: None is not a recognized temperature unit.

According to the HA community this is because the device handler is not setting the temperature unit (maybe F or C). It would be fantastic if this could be fixed as then I assume a full blown thermostat view would be usable in HA. This would give folks like me, who missed the opportunity of signing up for a Nest developer account a way to integrate their Nest products within HA, albeit by purchasing your Device Handlers / Code. HA obviously has Nest integrations but none of them will work without a Nest dev account.

It would also be fantastic if any other entities could be exposed via your code from Smartthings to HA.
Thanks, Lee

Hi @Swampylee, I don’t have HA and my integration was not designed to act as a bridge to HA.

I’m sorry, but I cannot help you on this one.

As you wrote above, the ST integration works well, and that’s what my design is all about.

For any ST related issues (not HA), you can always refer to the installation steps at the github or refer to the troubleshooting section at the ST community wiki.





Please note that some WWN (Works With Nest) connections are still available before the deadline of August 31st, 2019. After that date, no new WWN connections will be possible. Existing WWN connections will work according to Nest (you should not upgrade to Google accounts).

See Nest update below:


For more information about My Next devices, please refer to the 1st post of this thread:


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I have completed all the steps up until signing in to Nest account via the Nest Manager app. My Nest account has been merged with Google. When I try to log in with my correct google username/password, it tells me “either your password is incorrect or you’ve migrated your account and need to sign in with Google.” I don’t see an option of signing in with Google. Please advise. Thank you kindly.

Then youy F’d.
Sorry, you can thank Google for killing the works with Nest.

Great… gosh, I wish I knew. Has anyone found a work around?

Don’t migrate to Google and works with nest may still work for a while until google kills it completely!

Technically you can still set up a nest account today only if you’re lucky.
Don’t migrate to Google!

I don’t see a nest account option, only “create a google account.” I already have one Ecobee thermostat, so I’ve decided to switch over my remaining ones to Ecobee as well. WAY more friendly to any modifications via Smart Things or Alexa. Sorry (not sorry) Nest, you lost another customer!

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Thank Google. Nest was a good company. Google are the ones that effed up.


If you have lost your auth tokens from Nest and/or migrated to a Google Account, and your ST-Nest integration is not working anymore, then the new versions of MyNextManager (V2.1.9, MyNextTstatV2.1.2, MyNextAlarmV2.1.2 and MyNextSensorV2.1.2 ) may be for you.

You can now download the new major version at my store:


_MyNextManagerV2 (service manager for My Next devices) now uses the Nest Web APis (not the “official” APIs as they have ended since August 31, 2019). The Web APIs don’t have the strict rate limiting as the old APIs and they are as reponsive as the native Nest application.

_ MyNextTstatV2 now natively supports the following commands:

  • setHotWaterBoost: in the device UI and as a command for WebCore users. This is useful for Nest users in Europe.

  • setTargetHumidity: to set a target humidity level.

  • For the full list of attributes, capabilities & commands supported,refer to the ST community wiki:





I am running version 2.1.9a and am having some issues. Every 80-90 minutes, I get a notification that it is about to try to re-login. Everything is working fine. Additionally, I am unable to change any of the logging settings. It always reverts back to 5 for the logging level. I changed the default in the code to a 1, but it didn’t seem to stop the message.

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Hi @jeffchristoffer, during the beta testing, the logs were useful for any troubleshooting. For the extra notifications, you probably have uncommented the send_msg boolean variable in the login() method.

I’ve created a new version of MyNextManager (v2.1.9b) with less tracing.

You can download it using the same sellfy download link that was sent to you when you made your contribution.


Will this allow us to use Nest thermostat with smartthings after migrating to a google account?

Yes, as indicated in my previous post and the 1st post of this thread. You need to do some manual copy & paste to get the login info from Google.

Sorry, the reason I was double checking is because I am surprised not many people are here thanking you. I have seen lots of posts and discussions on this issue.

Well, I’m asking a contribution at my store for the whole effort (design, development, testing). It’s not free, but equivalent to few cups of coffee…



I’ve purchased your code for the Nest Protect and the Nest Manager. I’ve gotten the setup completed and pulled in my four Nest Protects. I’m also having the same issue as Jeff with the login() notification.

Another issue I ran into was I did a smoke test and refreshed the device while the smoke detector was going off and it never updated it’s status.


As per my last reply, for the tracing & notifications, all you need to do is the following:

1- [RELEASE] My Next ManagerV2 & My Next DevicesV2 for your Nest® products - new integration with SmartThings based on Web APIs (not WWN)

2- As far as the Protect’s status is concerned, you need to be aware that the update is dependent on your polling interval. By default, it’s every 10 minutes, if you want a shorter interval, you need to change the polling interval in the service manager smartapp (MyNextManagerV2). Of course, this is not real time polling, but it can be shortened to 1 minute ( you may also want to change the cache settings).

If your devices are not updating properly, and you’ve checked the logs in Live Logging and found some errors/exceptions, the likely cause would be that you haven’t copied the google/nest login info correctly or lost your auth tokens by closing the home.nest.com session.

Please refer to the following troubleshooting section, and re-enter the login info (and check the logs for any exception like Unauthorized or error 401 or any other errors) as indicated in the steps below (with screenshots):

P.S. *Those are my recommendations at this point, without having access to your logs, I cannot help you further. You’d need to send me some logs at services@maisonsecomatiq.com if you need further assistance on that matter.