*** No longer supported *** [OBSOLETE] Introducing ScheduleTstatZones: multi zoned heating/cooling solution for your home


Just to let my contributors know and all ST users who would like to do targeted heating/cooling in their home that I have new version of my zoned Heating/Cooling smartapp available at my store :

  • I corrected the following minor issues in ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (v8.8.8), & ScheduleTstatZones (v8.8.7) :
    • Made some changes to better control the Flair vents when Switch value=off
    • Removed some logic related to room tstats to avoid conflict with the Virtual Zone’s setpoints

For more details about the all use cases supported, refer to ST community wiki:

EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (for the main ecobee thermostat only - with some optional smart vents)


P.S. EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule has a tight integration with My Ecobee device.

ScheduleTstatZones (for any ST connected main thermostat like the Nest, Honeywell, etc. - with some optional smart vents)


ScheduleRoomTempControl (for any ST connected main thermostat with smart vents).


P.S. For all ST users who have contributed to my support packages, the update has been done for you under your ST account (provided that I have your credentials), you don’t need to do anything: everything has been taken care of.

You can download the new version at my store using the original sellfy link.

The new code is available at my store.