*** No longer supported *** [OBSOLETE] Introducing ScheduleTstatZones: multi zoned heating/cooling solution for your home

I updated and published your code from a few hours ago without any luck, even deleted the init app and re-paired the Ecobee 3. Its not a big deal though since I leave it on auto all the time, pm me if you want me to keep testing without getting this thread off topic.

Hello @Jonathan_McGuire, you probably need to kill the SmartThings app and reload it to view the results, at least on Android.

If you have upgraded to Android V1.17, I would recommend to also clean your cache before restarting the SmartThings app.

Bye for now/

on iOS 8.2, killed app without any changes and verified that the new code was published with line 246 changed.

Hi Chuck! The vents also have integrated pressure sensors to keep track of static pressure build up in the ductwork. This helps us keep track of pressure levels while the vents are closed, so if they exceed safe levels the vents will open automatically to relieve stress. Think of our Smart Vents as not just remote control vents, but devices that help you know more about and regulate the health of your HVAC system.

Hey everyone. Our founders are doing an AMA on Reddit right now. If you have any questions you can ask them directly: http://bit.ly/1OVyIEw


Today, I added new features to deliver an even smarter app:

  • Ability to set your smart thermostat (ex. ecobee, Nest) to Away or Present based on all rooms’ motion sensors

  • Ability to set fanMode (‘on’, ‘auto’, ‘circulate’) during a specific schedule

  • Added some new input parameters in schedule page to adjust main thermostat’s settings based on outdoor temp sensor (optional)
    ** coolModeThreshold: set the thermostat to ‘cool’ mode according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    ** heatModeThreshold: set the thermostat to ‘heat’ mode according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    ** moreHeatThreshold: increase the heat setpoint according to an outdoor temp threshold
    ** moreCoolThreshold: increase the cool setpoint according to an outdoor temp threshold


This is great Yves! What other apps have you developed for the smart home?

@NateKeenHome, I PM you some of the smartapps I’ve developed…

This app used to work great and run at the times scheduled within the app. But now it will only run if I manually press the app button. Why is that? I have notifications set up to send push notifications when it runs, but there is nothing in the activity log except when I manually run the app.

Hi @DreamPunk,

  1. First, could you update to the last version at github as I’ve made some significant changes recently to this smartapp.

Go to

grab the code, save & publish in the IDE.

Also, please note that there are a lot of ST scheduling issues due to the progressive introduction of a new scheduler for ST users.

  1. To make sure that your smartapp has been scheduled properly, please do the following:

a) Click on https://graph.api.smartthings.com/location/list

And, then click on “smartapps” at the right for your location.

b) Scroll down to ScheduleTstatZones, and click on it. You should see something like this:

c) Under scheduled jobs, if you don’t see the smartapp being rescheduled within the next 5 minutes, then it
means that the ST platform didn’t reschedule your job properly.

  1. If your smartapp is not rescheduled by the ST scheduler.

a) On your device, you then need to go to My Apps under the main Dashboard,
b) Click on the ScheduleTstatZones smartapp
c) Press the “next” button at the right top corner several times till “done” to reschedule the smartapp.
d) Check that the smartapp has been rescheduled properly by doing step 2) again.


I followed all of your instructions including step 3 because ST had not scheduled the job.

Here is what the scheduled jobs section looks like now:

@DreamPunk, the ST platform now has rescheduled the job (status=‘WAITING’ with a future timestamp). It should now execute correctly every 5 minutes.

If not, please redo the steps. I understand that this scheduling issue is frustrating, as it happens now on a regular basis for many ST users (and for many smartapps).


P.S. Let me know of any other issues with the smartapp.

It is working again! Thanks!

The app stopped working again. It looks like the last time it ran was June 15th. I followed your directions posted above again, hoping it would solve the issue.

I updated to the latest version of the code (1.9.1).

When I followed Step 3, when I get to the last screen and hit “Done” I get an error message: Failed to save page: NotificationsPage

Under Scheduled Jobs, it says “None”.

I used to be able to run the app manually by tapping it in the SmartThings app, but it no longer works at all.

@DreamPunk, I made a minor change to avoid the notification error in the setup screen (just grab the latest version at github, v1.9.2, save & publish)

About all current ST scheduling issues , refer to this thread:

This is not unique to this smartapp, and we’ve been told that ST will have a fix for it soon.

P.S. In the meantime, you need to redo the steps desccribed above, and do some monitoring from time to time to ensure that your smartapp is still scheduled.

Okay, I updated the app and the scheduling seems to be working once again. I still can’t run the app manually, though. Nothing happens when I tap it. Previously it would send a push notification and adjust things based on my settings.

Sorry to take so long to respond. No, I am not using the functionalities you mention. The app still does not run manually. Looking at the Scheduling log on the IDE, the “setZoneSettings” handler was scheduled every five minutes (7:31am, 7:36am, 7:41am, etc.). The current status is WAITING. Does that mean it is running? The app still doesn’t sent me any notifications when it runs even though I have Push notifications turned on.

@DreamPunk, if it’s WAITING and the timestamp for “Next Run Time” is in the future, this means that the smartapp is scheduled and will be running in the future.

You need to activate the IDE live logging to see any errors/exceptions in the logs:


Then, click on ScheduleTstatZones at the top of the screen, to get only the trace for this smartapp. Send me any errors/exceptions by PM.


P.S. Make sure that you have saved and published the latest version first I made additonal changes this morning based on your feedback.

When I check the IDE live logs, I can see the app running when I run it manually. It no longer sends Push notifications and no longer updates the activity log in the app, so the only way for me to know what it is doing is by checking the IDE live logs on the web site.


I just tested the smartapp again on my side and it’s working fine.

Have you activated the detailed notifiations in the last setup page?

I did my tests with v1.9.5 at my github, but the previous version (v1.9.4) was working fine too.

Let me know what is your use case:

(1) Do you want to just set some setpoints at a given time?

(2) Do you want also to do temp adjustments based on some outdoor/indoor sensors?

(3) Do you want to set your thermstat to away or present?