*** No longer supported *** [OBSOLETE] Introducing ScheduleTstatZones: multi zoned heating/cooling solution for your home

Email and screenshots sent. Sorry, I must be too much a noob to understand it, but I’m lost trying to set this up to work easily.

So apparently I’m an idiot and misunderstood this smart app. (No sarcasm, I truly did). Here is an explanation of what I was trying to do and why it wouldn’t work that way. Looks like it works great for its intended purpose. Just hoping to help anyone out there who wants to do the same thing as I did save their $15. It’s a little complicated to set up, but once you do it looks like it’ll do exactly what it’s supposed to do. Plus side, developer does email back quickly.

Not sure why pics didn’t upload in order. I’ll try to fix that.

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Yesterday, I released a new version of ScheduleTstatZones that can enable ‘free cooling’ using a Big Fan, an ‘evoporative cooler’, or Damper Switch(es) when the ideal outdoor temp & humidity are met.

  • The smartapp uses an internal temp/humidity table to do so or it can now just use an outdoor temp threshold (configurable in General Setup page).
  • You can actually schedule when you want to use the alternative cooling (ex. at Nights only between 11hpm and 5am).

My Zoned Heating/Cooling solutions are available at my store for download:


Hi Yves,

I’ve been reading a lot about your app and it is very impressive. I just have one question, does the app allow for the temperature for each room to be set? I have a situation where my thermostat is in my bedroom and I would like it to be set to 68 F when running the A/C but I want my kids rooms to be set at 72 F/73 F, does your app allow for this flexibility?


I am glad you had a fast response! :slight_smile: Don’t feel like you are alone though, like you I had trouble with one of those apps as well and had a difficult time using it.


Sorry about the late response, ScheduleRoomTempControl can do this, please
refer to the following thread:

ScheduleTstatZones uses the thermstat’s setpoints as the baseline for adjusting the vents.

P.S. You can get faster responses if you send me an email at services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

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Today, I made some changes to ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule and ScheduleTstatZones so that switching to alternative cooling and back to cool or auto mode (when needed) would be done automatically when the right outdoor/indoor conditions are met:

  • Both smartapps can either use an outdoor temp/humidity table to determine if the ideal conditions are met to use an evaporative cooler or damper switch(es).
  • The alternative cooling can also be triggered based only on an outdoor temp threshold when it’s more appropriate.
  • If the outdoor/indoor conditions are not met, then the smartapps can restore the original thermostat mode (cool or auto) to ‘cool’ the house in a more standard way.

These features are added on top of all the features available. For the list of features and screen shots, refer to the top of this thread:

ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule and ScheduleTstatZones are available now for download at my store.


Today, I sent a new minor version of ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule and ScheduleTstatZones with subpages and new icons in the Schedule Setup Page to all my current contributors.

This way, there are less input parameters in the page and it’s more user friendly!

Here are some screenshots:

The smartapps are available for download at my store:

@yvesracine what DTH does ScheduleTstatZones work with for Nest? Will it work with the DTH created by Nest Manager 3.0?

Hi, I do not know as I don’t have any Nest Thermsostat at home. My contributors use different Nest DTHs with ScheduleTstatZones, and I do not keep track of which one(s) they are using.

I don’t see why my smartapp would not work with the Nest Manager DTH, but I cannot guarantee it.


So if I purchase it and for some reason it does not work with my nest will you refund me?

Hi, the terms of service are indicated at my store. I’m asking for a contribution based on the work I’ve done in the past 18 months.


So I am thinking of buying 2gig CT100 Z-Wave thermostat. What I am wondering is can this app monitor my zwave motion sensors to decide if anyone is home and lower the temp when no one is home, and raise it based on geofencing and motion detectors? I absolutely do not mind paying the money. I believe you should be compensated. Especially if this app will make that thermostat work like an eccobee would by monitoring my sensors.

Hi @Thackston,

With a Z-wave thermostat (which does not support the away or home presence modes similar to the ecobee or Nest thermostats), the ScheduleTstatZones smartapp can do it this way:

  1. You can create a specific schedule associated to each of your ST hello modes (ex. Home, Away, Night, etc.)

This will allow to run the right schedule (with the right setpoints) when somebody is back home or away after the ST “I’m Back” or when the “GoodBye” routines have executed.

  1. The motion sensors are then not used in this use case, only the ST hello modes.

EDIT: However, the motion sensors are used to establish the right zones in your home and control your vents (if any) based on each room’s occupancy.


Today, I made the following changes to the smartapp:

  • Added “Ask Alexa” Notifications in the Notifications Page. By setting to true, you’ll be able
    to read and play messages from the smartapp by interacting with Amazon echo/Ask Alexia.

Some safeguards notifications will be sent to Alexa when applicable (ex. ratio of open vents/total vents is too low) and when your thermostat is set to away or present based on motion.

  • Please note that you need version 2.1.3a of Ask Alexia to make it work. Please refer to this thread below for more details.

The new version is available at my store:



P.S. The new version has been sent to all my contributors.

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Today, I made changes to the UI to use the same icons throughout the setup and config pages.

For more details:


You can download the new code at


P.S. The new code was sent to all my contributors.


Here is a referral link to get the Keen Home Vents for $25 less:


Here are some explanations about electro mechanical zoning vs. smart vents



Today,I released a new version of ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, ScheduleTstatZones, and ScheduleRoomTempControl with better logging & notification control.

The new versions are available for download at my store:

For more details about the capabilities of the smartapps, please refer to the top of the thread
and to the ST community wiki:



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