Probably it is, I don’t know. Will see how many dinners my boys will miss lol. Maybe they will pay more attention to the flashing lights (which I also added) lol

I just tested this and the My Contacts does multiple texts with the code I already have. Since that is the new standard I will not implement the older version.

Great suggestion. Just be careful to use it with restraint…

How do you enable the “My Contacts”. Is that iOS exclusive?

Nope. It appears in some folks accounts, but it is not exclusive to any mobile platform…it is an account thing.

I am on a train right now and can’t search for it. But there is a command you can give in the IDE to enable it. I thought I saw @bamarayne in there once but if you search My Contacts you may find it.

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Got it, thanks. Jason’s “hack” worked.


Now that I think about it, Jason is everywhere so I am surprised you were able to search on that :stuck_out_tongue:


Michael, got it working, found that I needed to remove all the devices from the Ask Alexa re add them then run the set up for Amazon again and I got it to go through and then update the Amazon developer tool.

Thanks for you help you rock!

Whohoo! Great! just in time for you to re-install this weekend when I drop a new version :slight_smile:

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Gee Wiz what is new now?

You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Yeah… That’s light years beyond my coding ability. But that would be awesome!

Lots of bug fixes, and some device specific functions (like Nest or Stelpro). Also some filters for the voice reports…


Alexa has the Simon says feature that repeats what you say. I use the echo remote to do just that…

yeah, but that only allows me to have it repeat what I say only on the device the remote is connected to. I want to say to the one in my living room, Alexa, Tell home to inform the boys it is dinner time. And she plays a message on the speakers in their rooms.

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How did you remove and re-add them?

Removed the devices from the ask Alexa smart app, all of them then readded them again and it was all good.

That’s cool - can you share what you did to enable that functionality?

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I don’t think he enabled that functionality. He wishes he could do that.

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Actually, I’m very close to making that a reality… Very close indeed!


That’s totally possible with a little programming…instead of having alexa flip a light switch for example, you have her play an MP3 to the speakers with what you want to say. The MP3 could be your recorded voice, or created with the TTS function.

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