Yes, someone is writing a new Chamberlain MyQ Smart App and I may switch over to it, if I understand correctly it should address some of these problems.

I would have switched to the Linear opener but when I looked at it, there were so many comments saying it had fatal flaws of its own. I suppose I should have looked into that deeper before taking the word of the “masses.”

I actually meant the output of the setup URL…they should be in there…

Sorry they are not ! They are missing on the output!

I was under the impression that ALL MyQ integration was no longer possible as Chamberlain had turned off their external API that SmartThings was using…

Anyway, I have had 0 issues with the linear model…I DON’T automate my doors…only monitor them, which just today alerted me that a neighbor hadn’t closed the door at one of my homes while putting out our garbage…closed it right up.

More than likely you have a device that is killing the creation of the list properly.

Watch the log when you run the setup…see if you see this: " There was an issue parsing the device labels. Be sure all of the devices are uniquley named/labeled and that none of them are blank (null). "

If you are open to troubleshooting, comment (//) lines 896, 910, 911, 912 and 913 and then run it again and you will be able to tell me the line number. It means one of your devices has a null label. I am surprised you aren’t getting more errors or missing items.

Thank you I will look into this suggestion tomorrow I may remove and reinstall to insure I didn’t miss anything. Will report back!

I don’t think it is an install issue…I believe this is one of the devices you have that may have a NULL in its description. I would look through your devices before you go through the effort of a re-install.

Hey @MichaelS what is the delimiter for sending SMS to multiple phones? Or is it even possible?

@MichaelS forgive my ignorance if you already mentioned this, but %temp% variable is now only a global variable? You no longer have the option to set individual variables at report level?

There is no delimiter…you send (as far as I know), one message per input.

There is a whole section of variables, including time, date, and coming this weekend, macro name and group type variables:


For what you are asking, temp and humid are valid. They can be used in the voice reports, but also in ANY of the text fields in any of the macros…So let’s say you want to turn off a switch, and, for what ever reason, you want to tell the average humidity of the house from 3 sensors. You simply create a device group and in the custom acknowledgement section you put in the %humid%…You set this up under settings in the parent app…when you enter more than one device it will produce the average of those devices.

Let me know if that all makes sense.

Thete must be a delimiter to add multiple phone numbers, unless you set it up only to send the sms to one number. I can look at the code, no worries.

What I am saying is that I don’t believe SmartThings allows more than one number to be sent to at a time…this is the code:


Also, I will post thissince we are talking about SMS…As everyone probably has deduced, the SMS feature is rather powerful feature and coupled with Ask Alexa you COULD use a control macro to basically send pre-canned messages with just your voice.

I have spoken to folks at SmartThings about this…the SMS feature is a PAID SERVICE that is metered through SmartThings. If it is abused, it WILL BE SHUT DOWN or severely limited in the future. Do NOT use Ask Alexa as an SMS relay. The service you save may be your own…If SmartThings disables this feature, I will need to remove it from my app…if you really need notification, I actually recommend the push functionality.

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Got you…Maybe in next release you can throw this in?

if (num) {
    def phones = num.split("\\+")
    for (phone in phones) {
        sendSmsMessage(phone, "${msg}")

Are you saying you tested this and it works with multiple numbers? Do you have the Contacts feature enabled in your account? Did you try it with that?

Also, read the post above as I am going to be very careful adding to a growing issue with people using SMS through SmartThings.

Yeah, we both clicked submit at the same time. I was debating if I should just delete mine, based on your comment. For what is worth, I only have one use case for it, that requires multiple recipients. I modified mine and it works. You add multiple phone numbers delimited by “+”…

silly little use case:

My wife: Alexa tell my home the dinner is ready
Alexa: It smells delicious! I notified everyone that dinner is ready.


What I’d like to see is this…

Alexa, tell home to tell the boys to come down stairs.
Alexa responds on the speaker in their room, “cond down stairs”

Every time we speak to Alexa, she creates a card. If we could make her access and read back that card, our parts of it via tts to certain outputs… Then she could repeat what we day as we say it, no canned messages.

That is doable…You capture what alexa heard on the st side, and send that message as a custom tts message.

I think you can do multiple texts using the My Contacts being implemented into SmartThings by default. However it doesn’t get around the volume of SMS messages flowing through SmartThings. There have been times I don’t get text messages and am curious if it is already metered at a certain amount per minute or hour.