I’ve never understood why there’s two fields anyway so I always use the same name for both.

Yep…If you look above there have been a couple request, mostly in the past 7 days, requesting this very thing. I added a couple options for doing this, and like I said, I will be releasing this on Friday.

Of course, I am working on the documentation as I type this, but this is already to go on Friday!

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Wait that says non-numeric though. I’m trying to pass a number to use as a temperature setting.

Right…expand the image out and look at the additional options below the rest of the text.

“You may pass a non-numeric parameter (xParam) to the WebCoRE piston by adding the parameters to the proper developer slot and speaking the addition parameter when executing the piston. To use numeric values, enable the option below which WILL disable the ability to delay execution of this macro. Please see the documentation from more information.”

Coming on Friday. Unless you want to PM me :wink:

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Struggling to get this installed on Amazon Skills Kit, the app is not creating links under ASK custom slot information.

Any help please!

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The information has to be set up in the SmartApp first, then the slots should be populated. Can you PM me with your link that you are getting from the Setup Variables so we can walk through it?

Since you are new user let me know if you aren’t able to PM me.

Tomorrow’s release will make this a little easier, but if nothing is being produced then something else is wrong.

Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Yeah, don’t think I can PM you.

I’ve got all the setup variables but no links to Developer Code.

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You hit it on the head, works great now.

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Upgraded to the new version here: [DEPRECATED] Ask Alexa 2.3.6

@strechy2k and @SecureIT, feel free to give your commentary about the new setup process as you were new users and just got to try this out.


Michael, this is a fantastic. The ease of implementing AskAlexa with this release will be welcome by not only legacy users of your App, but new users will be able to execute in a less cumbersome way (They will never know what it is like to create custom slots and populate each one!). Your keeping up with Amazon’s feature’s and upgrades over a long period of time truly shows your dedication and commitment not only to the SmartThings community but to home automation technology as a whole. Thank you for the endless hours of development and testing you continue to put forth for the common good. Here is to good karma and a Happy New Year! Sincere gratitude.


I wouldn’t say I’m a new user. I’ve been lurking here for a year and just installed Ask Alexa after many failed attempts to install Echosistant (very poor instructions and support). I talked to Michael and he was very helpful during the install and gave me the beta version just last week as I was going to kill my SmartThings setup and apps and do a fresh install. What a difference this new version makes! The Lamda stuff I never had an issue with, but the developer slots were terrible to copy and paste to every time there was a change in devices or extensions. This process was cut down from about 45 minutes to just 11 minutes from start to finish. I didn’t use the instructions the last time and probably can do the old install process in my sleep, but the new process is a marked improvement. Great work man! Keep it up!


Thanks! I appreciate the kind words and glad this cut down your installation time!

Well i went down the road of installing Ask Alexa. I was able to follow the instructions fairly well. And i have tested basic functionality working, but i am trying to use a marcro to call one of my webcore routines. Alexa does not recognize it, when i say the command “alexa run sirius XM in office” the macro name is "sirius XM in office"
When i test the macro on Amazon developer site, all work as it should, and the webcore call works as it should.

The other thing i noticed is that when i ask the lock status on my front door, alexa responds with “Front door does n’t support that” and again in test utility, it comes back with the correct response of “The front door is currently locked”

If you need additional information, just let me know.

THanks so much.

If it works in the developer site but NOT verbally that means the Alexa piece (Not Ask Alexa) is not recognizing the commands. I recommend looking in the Amazon app and looking at what she heard. Many times you can set up an alias with that name. In this case, Alexa has difficulty distinguishing XM as letters instead of words (I am betting).

As for the lock command the same thing is happening. It probably isn’t hearing ‘status’ properly or is hearing a command (i.e. on, off, or other random word) and trying to process that. Just try “Alexa, ask SmartThings about the lock:”.

Also, you didn’t mention it, but I would recommend ‘smart things’ as the invocation instead of ‘smartthings’. This is in the developer area and makes a huge difference when having trouble initiating the invocation.

Let me know if any of this helps.

That is not it. I looked back at the history, here is a pic

Actually, what that shows is that Ask Alexa is not being initiated…you are using the native integration which does NOT support status for locks. Assuming your invocation name is smartthings, try “Alexa, ask smartthings front door status” or “Alexa, ask Smarthings about the Front Door”.

OK, that makes sense… I tried what you asked and I get sorry, something went wrong

Is the ‘front door’ added to Ask Alexa and in the developer’s slots? Maybe send me a PM with another screenshot of the Amazon app and the live logging output from Ask Alexa.

Did you get the new version…does it work for you?

I’ve updated the smartapp and about to get into the Amazon stuff and wondering whether it’s better to start all over from scratch or use this new feature you’ve got simplifying be Amazon setup. The smartapp hadn’t been working because the slots and stuff weren’t updated. What would you recommend?