I am not seeing the alias options in settings (I have been reading the wiki).

So for all of my devices I have to manually add them into Amazon?

Yes…all devices you want to control need to be added to the developer slots.

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Also the alias is set up in Settings. Once you turn it on you will see the option on the main interface.

Not sure if this is a question. However if you are looking for alias setup it is second from the bottom on the Settings.

I was posting that because I don’t see anything that said alias.

If you are using the latest version it is there.

Second from the bottom

that was the issue. I was on 1.1.2

I have your GitHub Repo in my Graph account. However it wasnt allowing me to update from repo. I used the copy and paste instead. Not sure why.

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Did you get it all working?

I have created Interaction Model Custom Slots (LIST_OF_DEVICES) for use with EchoSistent. Would I be able to also use that with your app? I apologize as the Lambda and AWS stuff is new to me.

No worries…The list of devices, along with the other slots, will be unique to the app…so if you create a skill with Ask Alexa, you will have to populate the slots with the devices used in that app.

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First thank you for an awesome app! Donation sent.

I have a couple of questions.

I have two switches in my studio. When I have Alexa “Ask smart things the studio status” it only reports back on one item saying “the studio fan is off”. The second switch controls the lights but I never get a status on that unless I specifically ask the studio light status.

My second question is about Sonos speakers. I see according to the wiki page that Ask Alexa can control Sonos speakers. Does this that through Ask Alexa I can play music from my Amazon account through the speakers? Can I also sync to multiple speakers in the same room using Ask Alexa? Ie. Speakers in three adjoining rooms all playing the same song synchronized? If so could you provide the correct syntax for both playing music to Sonos from Amazon and syncing many rooms?

I apologize in advance if these are newbie questions. I literally just plugged in my hub for the first time last night.

Thanks again!
~Bill R

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Got your message via email. Glad we were able to get it all working.

First off, Michael, this is amazing. Please point me to the place to donate for this fantastic creation. (edit: Found it in the original post, duh)

I got some more smart goodies and took the plunge into AA tonight. Got it set up with only a few hiccups along the way. Now I just need to come up with some more practical applications and really figure this thing out.

One thing I’m trying to play with is the Voice Macros. Just trying to get a better grasp on functionality and what I can accomplish in the future, particularly with CoRE (which I am also in the early stages of learning and understanding…). Working on something I think is pretty simple right now. I created a piston that flashes my Hue lights red. If I’m understanding correctly, I can configure a voice macro that will trigger the piston via Alexa voice command. However, when I go to set up a Voice Macro with Macro Type = CoRE Trigger, I don’t see anything in CoRE Trigger Settings -> Choose CoRE Piston. It says there are no pistons. Also, if I change the piston to run conditionally off an Ask Alexa Macro (not sure if this is the right approach), the Macro does not show up. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, even though I attempted 2 different ways here…

Thanks again for all the time spent on this… Taking HA to a whole new level here, and it’s very awesome.


UPDATE: I put the smart stuff down for a few hours and checked later and the Piston was available in AA, so I’m back in action…


Glad you got it working. And for others that are interested in donating the address is https://www.paypal.me/mstruck

I am at a point where I will start looking at adding more functionality to Ask Alexa. Recently, the ‘Harmony’ item has come up…I don’t have one of these, so I am interesting the following questions:

  1. When connected to SmartThings, how does it appear? As a switch, a button, or something else?
  2. What functions could Ask Alexa perform with the Harmony?

For those interested in this integration, I may have to purchase (or someone ‘donate’) a Harmony device. However, if it complies easily with SmartThings devices I may be able to work with someone remotely to get these features implemented.

Let me know…

Please help Michael
when i entered Utterance text status like" living room light staus" and click AskAlexa-Smartthings Intergration butto. The response is" the remote endpoint could not be called,or the responce it returned was invalid" after testing in JSON on the left side window(LAMBDA RESPONCE"

Thank you in advance,

The two Harmony integrations for Alexa are already about as powerful as you could ever need.

The first is the SmartHome Harmony integration, which allows you to say “Alexa, turn on (name of activity)” and “Alexa, turn on (name of channel)”. The only thing this doesn’t support is changing the volume, mute, pause, play, etc - this because Alexa SmartHome only (currently) support off/on and temperature changes.

This is where the 2nd Harmony integration comes in - it is designed as a stand-alone skill, not SmartHome integration. As such, you can not only turn Activities and Channels on/off "Alexa, tell Harmony to turn on (activity / channel), but you can also have Alexa “ask Harmony to pause/stop/play/turn up the volume” plus a whole lot more.

With both of these two installed, I can’t think of anything else that Ask Alexa would be able to add, except perhaps the ability to support multiple different Harmony’s within a single location (the biggest limitation of the Logitech implementations).

YMMV, of course…


This probably means you didn’t enable the Oauth in the IDE…please see here for a bit more detail on that action: http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Ask_Alexa#OAuth_Setup

Hi Michael,
When I tried to use tell house to open/close command, it says I should use on/off command.
How do I select a switch that actually open/close stuffs?

Thanks in advance