In SmartThings, in the IDE. That is where the Live Logging is.

So it sounds like your JSON was loaded correctly, and that you have successfully linked you Lambda and Developer’s area. The information in the live logging will give me more info.

Again, you are very close as those were the hardest parts.

OK, I’m looking at Live Logging, but it’s empty … I tried another “open smart things” test while logging was open, but nothing registered.

One possible problem is that I didn’t have my devices registered with Ask Alexa the first time I set everything up. I realized I’d missed that, registered everything, and then went back and re-saved and re-built everything, including pasting in new code in the Lambda and the AWS, but it’s possible that the devices aren’t correctly talking to each other.

Ok…if it isn’t getting to live logging but what you are hearing is correct, then it appears you may be missing your IDs within the Lambda. Since that information is sensitive (i.e. others could control your house), please PM me with a screenshot of you Lambda. That could be an easy fix.

Sorry, not sure what you want with the screenshot – do you mean the “custom lambda code” that was generated, or the askAlexa page in https://console.aws.amazon.com/lambda , or something else?

Just sent you a PM

Welcome to my Friday update, now early as I head to Seattle again to install more home automation items and to see the Seahawks (in that order, unfortunately, this season).

The big news as can be seen all over the board is this:

This was a long time coming! However, users of Ask Alexa have already filled my mailbox with two questions: First, the common one and the one I get every time a new feature is released: What does this mean for Ask Alexa. Second, how can I use this new function with my current environment.

The first one is rather easy to answer. Nothing changes for me except my roadmap. Granted, this functionality takes away from SOME of the Ask Alexa functions like querying certain devices (and Ask Alexa still has an advantage with groups of devices and reporting), and some of the functions of the message queue. I use Ask Alexa EVERYDAY for something that native Alexa can’t do. However, I do see a day I can happily retire Ask Alexa…Not for a while, but they are on the right track. Until that day, keep the donations and suggestions coming.

As for the second question, I will use a question from @secureIT as a good example. Franklin e-mailed me that the new functions were great, but didn’t cover his use case for his presence sensor alerting him, that only motion would do it. Well, as always, WebCore can come to the rescue. Basically, syncing the status of his presence sensor (or in his case, his wife’s) to a virtual motion sensor, you can toggle the status so that Amazon can key off of it.

In another thread @JDRoberts mentioned this DTH as a way to accomplish this:

But I can’t confirm it works until I load it up (if it is still available). Either way, I probably will be adding a virtual motion sensor to the Alexa Virtual Switch Creator ([RELEASE] Alexa Virtual Device Creator (Formally Alexa Virtual Switch) Creator) to make some of the creation of these virtual devices easier.

Again, there are probably a LOT of different ways of accomplishing the same thing, but everyday Amazon comes out with tools to make automation (and now voice prompting) a bit easier.

I will be out of pocket the next new days…Enjoy the new toys delivered by Amazon!


To clarify, I asked if it would be possible to use the UDTH in this way. I don’t know if it works, either. :sunglasses:

It feels like it should…I need to test it :slight_smile:

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Hey man,

Thanks for calling me out :stuck_out_tongue: (haha)…yeah, I wanted to set up an alert when my wife was home. Thanks MichaelS for showing me the way (again). I look forward to your new virtual creator tool

The press release doesn’t make it clear which contact / motion sensor devices will work through the updated SmartThings Alexa Skill, but it does imply that it’s just the Samsung-branded devices at this time:

By updating your smart home skill to use the new Contact and Motion Sensor APIs, you can enable your customers to connect their contact and motion sensors to Alexa. SmartThings is leveraging these new smart home capabilities so customers can use their SmartThings multi-purpose sensor and SmartThings motion sensor, connected to a SmartThings hub, with Alexa Routines and voice query.

I hope that is opened up to any contact / motion sensor device soon, if not already.

My Ecolink, Peq and Fibaro sensors all appear to be working properly with Alexa.

ST shields Amazon from most of the details of the device. If it works with SmartThings then my bet is that it will work with Alexa. Even virtual devices work well.

I was trying to delete all MichaelStruck : Ask Alexa smartApps from my ide, but keep failing. I already did “Completely Remove Ask Alexa”, but I am still unable to remove everything. I can’t find a guide to uninstall Ask Alexa. Please help thank you!


As the developer, I have to ask…why remove it?

Either way, you have to do it in a specific order:

  1. Remove ALL created extensions within the app (voice reports, macros, etc)
  2. Remove ALL devices associated with the app (in the main areas)
  3. Then completely remove the app (from the About area)

If it doesn’t remove, it probably means you still have a device or macro associated somewhere.

Worst case, you can go to Location>SmartApps in your IDE, click Edit and remove Ask Alexa. However, that is VERY dangerous if it won’t delete itself as you could possibly orphan devices or other things that may not seem evident, but could lead to ‘weird’ things happening in your app.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the reply.
I got it work for the uninstallation.

Anyway, I installed it was to hope I would be able to do something in webCore to make Alexa to talk when someone rings my door bell.

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There are ways to do this without Ask Alexa, or with (if you have a Sonos type device).

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Don’t have Sonos, only have 3 Alexa devices. Thanks anyway,

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I’ve been following this thread for a few months but never took the plunge to install. Still trying to justify, but maybe I"m missing something. I know that once I install this and the ‘rooms’ add-on, I can tell her to turn off the lights in a specific room. But is there anything else that Ask Alexa can do besides asking for statuses of SmartThings things?

I guess what I’m looking for are more practical use cases beyond what is listed in the wiki page.

With football season I have not been online as much. But good questions…

That basic function of Ask Alexa are:

Statuses of devices (Alexa can’t do this for all devices yet)
Control of devices and other things that can’t be directly done from Alexa (but can through complex relationships set up in apps like WebCore)
Reports about your SmartThings environment
Room control (as you mentioned).

There are folks that use Ask Alexa, with WebCore to control the channels on their television. While the native tools of Alexa are increasing, I am still using Ask Alexa for a lot of things like querying the mode of the house to complex control over a couple houses I own in different locations.

Hope that helps…

Thanks, Michael! This is an awesome community and I hope to join and contribute to it one day!

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