I think the author of Hue B Plus @infofiend may have either abandoned the project or is on extended vacation. I’ve posted on his thread and also referenced him here a few times. He has yet to respond in the last 11 days or so. Could be a case of burnout.

I’m looking at his code now to see what I can make of it. I’m far from a programmer, but I think I might be able to figure out enough to make some sense out of it. Or just experiment with the transforms I guess. Probably has something to do with the changes made to the DTH 19 days ago to his device handlers: https://github.com/infofiend/Hue_B_Smart/commit/57fd24b0914d7cf3bd024437d5753fe5016f89b6

A way to customize/adjust the temperature of the four presets for “white lights” (soft, warm, cool, daylight) would be perfect! The lights that I have are actually both RGB and White (Hue Lightstrip Plus). But because I use them in the kitchen as undercabinet lights, I only use the white because we need to see the actual color of the food we’re preparing.