This is a good idea to add to the voice reports. I will add it to the road map and it will be in the next version or the version after.

So it could exist in an overall ‘home report’ where you are checking out the status of switches and dimmers, leaks, etc?

Thanks. And as always, I and many of us here really appreciate all of your hard work and time you have put into this.

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I appreciate that!

If you had to rank the attributes you would want to hear in a report. What would they be?

  1. Setpoint
  2. State (either ThermostatSetPoint, thermostatMode, or thermostatOperatingState)
  3. Temperature (optional if someone needs indoor temperature)
  4. Humidity (optional if someone needs indoor humidity)

So in my example, Alexa would say something like, the [device name] is set to 74 degrees and off. The current indoor temperature is 73 degrees with a humidity of 43%.

Ok…got it…thanks!


I think the author of Hue B Plus @infofiend may have either abandoned the project or is on extended vacation. I’ve posted on his thread and also referenced him here a few times. He has yet to respond in the last 11 days or so. Could be a case of burnout.

I’m looking at his code now to see what I can make of it. I’m far from a programmer, but I think I might be able to figure out enough to make some sense out of it. Or just experiment with the transforms I guess. Probably has something to do with the changes made to the DTH 19 days ago to his device handlers: https://github.com/infofiend/Hue_B_Smart/commit/57fd24b0914d7cf3bd024437d5753fe5016f89b6

A way to customize/adjust the temperature of the four presets for “white lights” (soft, warm, cool, daylight) would be perfect! The lights that I have are actually both RGB and White (Hue Lightstrip Plus). But because I use them in the kitchen as undercabinet lights, I only use the white because we need to see the actual color of the food we’re preparing.

Ok…I will add a way to customize the while Kelvin lights…may be in the next release (before the end of the month).

Thanx so much @MichaelS! Looking forward to it.

BTW–I solved the color transform problem in the DTH and created a pull request for @infofiend. :slight_smile:

Nicely done! Just got the default page in and testing it now.

Done and will be in the next version!

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Ok…Got this done…here is the interface:

The output is like this:

"The Nest Thermostat is set to 65 degrees. In addition, this thermostat is reading 66 degrees, the relative humidity is 48 percent and is currently idle. "

This can get VERY wordy for multiple thermostats in the house, but will work well for one or two.

Let me know if this hits the mark.

EDIT: I noticed a misspelling on the humidity piece…fixed it after I posted this.

That is absolutely PERFECT!!! Having the option to turn different readings on/off hopefully helps with being too wordy, but I think it’s wonderful. Excellent work, much appreciated.

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Hello Michael / All,

Firstly, thanks a lot for the great app and knowedge sharing!

I have a problem when I try to access the speaker settings on Alexa helper, the smarthings app would just crash!

I have a sonos connect, the on/ off and previous / next track is working great but the favorites are not working anymore.

Anyone experinced this before and have a solution?


If you reset your speakers or powered them down recently I have seen them loose their cached song list. Do other apps exhibit this same issue or just Alexa Helper.

Technically this thread is for Ask Alexa but the same routine for gathering sing info is in Ask Alexa do I will test that functionality tonight.

Thanks for the quick reaponse!

I did it from scratch without “saved stations” and it is working fine and not crashing the app, So seems it is related to the stations / tracks playback!

OK…I will try this tonight on Ask Alexa and see if I get the same thing. If not, let’s move this thread to the Alexa Helper thread and see if we can troubleshoot this further.


I got to the test skill section and tried the service simulator but I have not try the action voice command. I’m doing this at work so…:slight_smile:

Thank You guys

Excellent…does it appear to be working now?

The simulator test is working. I will try Alexa when I get home.

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Excellent…that is the first good sign everything is working!