Well if you ask Alexa if she’s part of Skynet, she tells you not to worry… I trust her.

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Yeah, yeah, definitely, nothing bad could ever happen, right? RIGHT?


I hear your pain about not having an app for your platform… Geez, even when there is an app, I have a Windows Phone and I am feeling the pain right here in ST across the huge differences of iOS, Android ST mobile app to Windows Phone. :unamused:

Hey I like this! I am switching SmartThings to Skynet as my new invocation name!
"Alexa, tell Skynet to . . . " I’m going to be a big hit with my Terminator buddies. :grinning:


Nice…That will definitely give you the illusion of being in control.


Feedback Request - So I have 5 ceiling fans that I would like to control through Alexa. Previously I had this set-up with 3 virtual momentary button tiles (Den Fan Low, Den Fan Medium & Den Fan High) that I would trigger from Alexa and then have RM set the level appropriately. I could do something similar with 3 voice macros and then have CoRE set the level appropriately. But this can get a little crazy with having 15 voice macros just for my fans. And what I would really like to be able to do is say something like this:

Alexa, tell SmartThings to set Den Fan to Low

I’m wondering what others may have done. Thanks in advance for the ideas and information.

I included my ceiling fan in the dimmers section:

And then in the setting section, I set the low, medium, and high level for dimmers:

Now, I just say:

Alexa, tell home to set the ceiling fan to medium.

It works great. No macros needed! You only need a macro if you want to control a group of devices


I knew there had to be a better approach, thanks Jason!

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Is it possible to set fan speed based on temp readings for your situation? I have all my fans on one speed, medium, they turn on if there is motion and temp is over 75. We never need high speed so it works great. But I don’t see why multiple levels couldn’t be done based on temp. I prefer automation over even telling Alexa what to do.

I think you’d be better off using CoRE.

CoRE is all about automation.
AskAlexa is all about having control of the automation

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It’s funny that you ask this question because I just built a piston that does this exact thing. If any of the temp readings in the house raises about 75 switch the fans to medium. My away piston turns them all to low when we leave. The main reason I want the Alexa stuff is to improve the WAF and to get her using Alexa.

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Perfect! My WAF goes lower the more I use Alexa. She only likes it for music and the shopping list. :slight_smile:

My WAF and Alexa are like water and oil. They mix well. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah my wife is getting a little frustrated with it all. Her comment last night was that I spend all day on the computer at work and then I’m spending all night on it working on this stuff. She is liable to blow a gasket next week when the 2 dots arrive.


You guys are lucky.
My wife wrote a short story destroying all my Smart Home tech. It was mainly my Ubi’s fault and was the trigger for the story. We had to bury remains in the backyard in the middle of the night like the dead body of my high-tech mistress.

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@ryan.ray what device you use to control your fans? I am interested in integrating fans with ST

I’m assuming you are talking about the device type, which I’ve linked below.

I replaced all my fan switches with these…

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Jason, does the above us a DLNA speaker to say this, or is the ask-alexa app saying it? I would love to use ask-alexa with CoRE integration to eliminate the need for an Android (Tiny Dancer) dedicated device for TTS. Is this possible?

I think he is using some ST connected speakers to speak to via CoRE. I can do the same with my Sonos.

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They are dlna speakers connected via st.

I am working on some other ideas for this as well. I’m trying to get Alexa to make the announcements… we will see.

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That would be awesome. I pretty much have a dedicated Amazon fire 7" dedicated for the dlna speaker. I bought it for SmartTiles anyway so not that big of a waste.